Article: Top 10 Idols Who Are Spoiler Fairies

The K-Pop industry has extreme principles regarding the idol's food habits, diet, restrictions to talk, and many more. Everything they get on camera is quite scripted and acted out accordingly. The food that idols get to eat and a severe diet plan to maintain their body is one of the most illiberal rules. Though they are in front of the camera 24/7, they get to lose it and be themselves when they live stream in front of their fans. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, they tend to spoil their activities beforehand to the fans. Here is a list of the top ten idols who are major spoiler fairies.

1. Somi 

Jeon Somi is a solo artist under The Black Label, and she is one of the main spoiler fairies. Somi had spoiled not only her songs but also other groups' songs. The recent spoiler that Somi played on her Instagram live was the upcoming song for BlackPink. YG Entertainment later copyrighted the song. Another time when she was on the live stream in the YG Building, she accidentally walked inside when BlackPink's unreleased song was playing.


2. Sehun 

Sehun of EXO once posted a picture on Instagram without the declaration of his manager. Sehun uploaded an unreleased photo of his new sub-unit with him and Chanyeol. Under his post, Chanyeol quickly commented on the picture to delete it, but Sehun didn't. Sehun's Instagram account is full of spoilers, according to his fans. Sehun has this habit of releasing photos before his schedule or the group's activities.


3. Bang Chan

Bang Chan, the leader of "Stray Kids," is a spoiler fairy. His words on Bubble, a social media app, mostly contain all the spoilers for his upcoming activities. He tends to spoil his contents by talking very casually without any suspects. Later, when something gets released, fans trace to Bang Chan's words to find that he had spoiled the content months ago.


4. RM

RM, the leader of BTS, casually spoiled the group's nomination for the Grammy the following year. The announcement was made quickly because of RM's spoiler. He is known as the "Spoiler King of BTS." In a live stream of Jimin and himself, he revealed a song from their set list for their upcoming concert. He couldn't believe he had spoiled it, and later both disagreed with the truth.


5. Victon 

Victon is a boy band that made its debut in 2016 under Plan A Entertainment. The whole group happened to show their new song, Remember Me's music video, in their live stream in 2017. The video got played for almost thirty seconds in their live stream. Panicked members tried to cover off the camera since they accidentally spoiled their new song.


6. Taemin 

Taemin is the youngest member of Shinee and has a quiet and shy personality. Taemin shows his funny habits by spoiling content on his live streams or social media. He would hum a random tune, to later find out that it was a spoiler for their upcoming album. He once posted a picture of two kids pictures on his Instagram, which was his new song's name.


7. Dongpyo 

Son Dongpyo is the leading dancer and sub-vocalist of the boy band MIRAE, which debuted in 2021. The group hadn't debuted when Dongpyo spoiled the whole group's comeback, songs, and signature move when they were out on a shoot. He started a live stream, ran away from his manager, and spoiled everything, despite the manager who tried to bang open the door.



WOODZ, previously known as "Luizy," is a solo artist and a member of the boy band UNIQ. WOODZ made his solo debut in 2016 with his digital single, "Recipie." He is a spoiler king who spoils his songs through his Instagram or V Live platform to his fans. Once, he played the entire album's highlights in his live stream.


9. Taehyun 

Taehyun of Tomorrow X Together spoiled his song during the group's V live stream. Though this was by  accident, Taehyun was singing their new upcoming song, "Can't you see me?" He innocently sang the song in a monotone voice when his fellow member Beomgyu knocked him off to come to his senses. He realized and stopped singing right away.


10. BamBam

GOT7 is another group filled with spoiler kings. BamBam is one of them. Before their album "Fly" was released, the group did a V Live stream while they were outside. BamBam, Mark and Younjae sang the first few lines of the title song, which became very famous. Also, after the group's hiatus, BamBam was the first to spoil their hiatus through a twitch stream.