Article: Top 10 Erratic Beliefs Of Korean Celebs

Despite its advancement in technology and science, South Korea is still filled with many superstitions. South Koreans believe in many myths and follow rituals. They visit fortune tellers and dividers to follow their teachings and practices. Even celebrities indulge in such activities. Here are the Top 10 Erratic Beliefs of Korean Celebrities.

1. Number Four Is Unlucky

This superstition has its root in China, where the word number four sounds similar to death. Many Koreans still believe this myth and use the letter F instead of 4 in lifts.

2. Whistling At Night Brings Terrible Omens

It is still believed in South Korea that whistling at night after sunset summons ghosts, spirits, and terrible omens. Some people also believe that whistling might bring snakes too.

3. Writing Names In Red Ink Means Death

It was a practice in South Korea to write the names of deceased members in red ink. While many people have forgotten this, few still believe this superstition and consider it rude to write someone’s name in red ink.

4. Giving Shoes To Your Partner

South Koreans usually don’t like gifting shoes to their partners because they might leave them. It is a superstition that the loved one will run away wearing the same pair of shoes.

5. Dreaming Of Pigs Will Bring You Wealth

It is a good omen if someone sees pigs in their dreams. Pigs are symbols of fertility in South Korean culture. It means the rise in the economic status of the person who dreams of pigs.


6. Never Shake Your Legs

Shaking legs is considered a bad habit as it might bring bad luck. So Koreans are taught from a young age not to shake their legs.

7. Sea Mustard Soup Brings Terrible Luck

It is believed that drinking Sea Mustard Soup before exams will bring bad luck, and the student is destined to fail. Instead, the student should eat rice cakes which are believed to help a student pass with good marks.

8. Fan Death

Many Koreans believe that fans can cause hypothermia and cause death while sleeping. It is a very unscientific myth but is considered by many.

9. Setting Foot On The Threshold

It is believed that setting Foot on threshold of a house brings misfortune to a family. It is the boundary between this world and the afterlife.

10. Magpie Is A Lucky Figure

South Koreans believe that it is auspicious to go out at the dawn of New Year and hear the voice of the magpie, which is considered to be a lucky figure. In contrast, it is a bad omen to listen to the voice of a crow.