Article: Top 10 Highest-Rated K-Dramas of 2022 (Jan-July)

Don’t we all love a good drama to watch that takes them away from their stress-free life. We all are fans of friendship and romance, and the love triangle shown. Korean drama was popular before the Squid Games was released, but it got more famous after it, and people have been going crazy about Korean dramas. As known, Korean dramas have taken over the entertainment world by storm by having intriguing plots, unique genres, captivating storylines, and great performances by the entire cast. We will see the top 10 highest-rated dramas of 2022.

1. Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice is a hard-to-resist drama that features the enigmatic Kim Hye-Soo, Kim Moo-Yeol, and Lee Sung-min. The brilliant performance by actors in the series makes it one of the best series of 2022 as it gets intense with every passing minute. The story portrayed is of Sim Eun-Seok, who has a particular dislike for juvenile criminals. When she gets appointed as the head judge for the juvenile court, a lot of legal drama and thrill unfolds. She has to keep her distaste for the criminals aside and pass proper verdicts as per law.


2. Pachinko

Pachinko adapted from the New York Times bestselling novel. It’s the story of a Korean immigrant family set against the Japanese invasion of Korea and the Dev’s sting effects that continue to influence the people’s lives even today. This drama is said to be one of the best Kdrama of this year which got popular globally too. It stars Lee Min-Ho, Soji Arai, and Jin Ha and depicts the family’s journey who fights against all odds to survive.


3. All Of Us Are Dead

All of us are dead got released in January and became one of the highest trending shows. It gained a lot of global attention and almost reached fame and success as Squid Game, and a second season is being made. It is one of the most talked about series and is adapted from the Nager webtoon Now at Our School by Joo Dong-Geun. It shows the story of students trapped in school during a zombie apocalypse caused by a failed science experiment. This K-drama stars new actors like Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, and Cho Yi-Hyun in lead roles, who gave excellent performances.


4. Twenty-five - Twenty-one

Don’t we all love a good coming-of-age story, and the drama Twenty Five Twenty One delivers just that. It tells the '90s love story between Na Hee-do and Back Yi-jin. It is set during the most challenging period of Korean history and tells the story of young youth who grow together is a genuinely emotional story of love and friendship.


5. A Business Proposal

A business proposal, is a fun rom-com drama. The main cast has excellent chemistry. This story shows an ordinary girl who pretends to be her friend for a date with a good-looking, wealthy guy who pretends to be in a fake relationship but later turns into something tangible. It is one of Netflix’s most-watched Non-English shows of the year so far. 


6. Through The Darkness

Through The Darkness is adapted from the 2018 non-fiction book of the same title. It portrays the story of Song Ha Young, a police officer recruited into the Criminal Behavior Analysis team for his brilliant thinking. It is a true story of South Korea’s first profile which takes viewers along the journey of various homicide cases he helped solve. 


7. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a must-watch drama for fantasy lovers. It focuses on sensitive matters, shows the reality of mental illness with empathy and compassion, and offers different perspectives about people who believe there is no other way out. It also ensures that comedic relief never detracts from the gravity of its purpose as a catalyst for necessary conversations surrounding mental health. The series is about grim reapers and a human who, by accident, becomes half human and half spirit and meets grim reapers Goo-Ryeon. Then they take Choi in and make him work as a part of their crisis management team for some time.


8. Our Blues

The best part of Our blue story is that it showcases that, just as in real life, stories don’t always have perfect endings. Like first love doesn’t always work out; some friends do get detached and forgotten, and eventually we realize that all that happens was meant to be. The drama was shot on the beautiful Jeju Island. It shows the multiple real-life problems and issues the characters are going through regarding various topics like teenage pregnancy, the death of a loved one, mental health, and disabilities. It’s a must-watch drama for all age groups!


9. Semantic Error

Semantic Error is a famous BL drama that won over the hearts of many viewers. The series is from a famous web novel, webtoon, and animation series, so the expectations were incredibly high. The story is a campus romance between two students who are opposite in personality and haven't liked each other since their first meeting. They eventually have a progressive change in their relationship, which involves some very intense feelings and romance.


10. Thirty-Nine

Thirty-nine is a drama which tells a heart-warming and relatable story. The story is a beautiful, heartwarming tale of friendship, love and loss. It’s about friends who have been together through thick and thin. It also shows one of them gets diagnosed, and the trio spends the remaining time together fulfilling each other's wishes before parting ways. It also showcases outstandingly evocative lessons on family, chosen or otherwise.