Article: Top 10 Thai Celebrities Who Are Sports Enthusiasts

Many Thai Celebrities are skilled in acting, singing and even various sports. Sport is a fun way of becoming fit. Some celebrities turn to sports for their health, and some are genuine sports enthusiasts. Sports have various positive impacts on our physical and mental health. Some Thai Celebrities even used to play in their school and university, and some even competed in various national and international competitions. Today we will look at the top 10 Thai celebrities who are sports enthusiasts.

1. Richie Omrawadee

Richie Omrawadee, also known as Ornate, is a successful Thai actress and athlete. She was in many dramas such as Sorn Ngao Ruk, Krong Karm, Suey Rai Sai Lub, and many more. She started playing badminton from the age of five. She also used to be a badminton player before debuting in the industry. She represented her university sports team at the 47th National College Games in 2020, and they even won the gold medal. She even played at the Thailand National Youth Games and was scouted while playing badminton.


2. Tubtim Anyarin

Tubtim Anyarin Terthnapat, widely known as Tubtim, is a multi-talented artist. She is an actress, model, TV host, and figure skater. She is a famous actor who turns to sports and exercises to stay fit and maintain her figure. As a figure skater, she is known for her incredible moves on the skating rink. She attended Skate Asia 2016, held in Malaysia, and even won the champion round.


3. Tanin Manoonsilp

Tanin Manoonsilp is a famous Thai actor and model known as Bomb. He got into the entertainment industry by shooting commercials. He is considered a great sports enthusiast who takes part in sports actively. He is known to be good at not one but two sports, including Tennis and Basketball, and regularly plays them.


4. Nadech Kugimiya

Nadech Kugimiya is a notable actor and model in the Thai entertainment industry. His famous well-known roles are Duan Jai Akkanee, Sunset at Chaophraya, The Rising Sun Series, and The Crown Princess. He is one of the Thai celebrities who is known as a sports enthusiast. Basketball, Running, Boxing and Swimming are some of the sports he likes playing as a hobby.


5. Mark Prin

Mark Prin is a talented actor and model. Before becoming a successful actor and model, he was a Judo player. He graduated with an athletic scholarship and has a black belt in Judo in the middleweight category. He was a part of the Universities Judo Squad. He actively still practices Judo regularly.


6. Temfah Krisanayuth

Paan Temfah Krisanayuth is a Thai actress, model, singer, and gymnast. She is the daughter of well-known singer Waen Thitima. She's been doing gymnastics from a young age and has been part of many winning tournaments. She appeared in the music video “Look Like Love” in 2011, and in 2013, she also launched her first song. She is a sports enthusiast who still practices gymnastics.


7. Peechaya Wattanamontree

Peechaya Wattanamontree, also called Min, is a famous actress and model. In 2006 she began her career in the fashion industry when she won the “Miss Teen Thailand” pageant. She is a great Basketball player and played basketball while attending university. She won gold at the Unity No.29 Chamchuri Games and still actively likes playing basketball.


8. August Vachiravit

Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong, well known by the name August, is an actor and model. He initially gained popularity after  appearing in a BL drama named “Love Sick: The Series” in 2014. He is known to be a Tennis fan and has liked playing Tennis since he was young. He graduated from the Department of Sport Science and Sports Development at Thammasat University.


9. James Ma

James Assarasakorn, known as James Ma, is an actor and model. He is the hottest actor and model in demand known for his excellent acting skills. Before acting, he had considered being a professional golfer. He won gold in the ISSFHK Golf Pris Championship 2008, hosted in Hong Kong, and has also won awards for competing against other schools.


10. Phakin Khamwilaisak

Phakin Khamwilaisak, nicknamed Toni, is a Thai actor, singer, and professional footballer from Khon Kaen, Thailand. He has worked in a lot of dramas. In 2021, he started playing as a midfielder for the Thai League 1 club Ratchaburi Mitr Phol after getting a six-month short-term contract.