Article: Top 10 Chinese Stars And Their Blood Group

1. Yang Mi 

Yang Mi is one of the bankable female stars in China. China’s fashion Queen Yang Mi is the face of global brands like Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, and Estee Lauder. One of the New Four Dan actresses, Yang Mi, has paved her way to becoming one of the most sought-after stars whose popularity is increasing day by day.

Blood Group: B


2. Dilraba Dilmurat

One of the most beautiful actresses of China, Dilraba Dilmurat, is next on our list. Since getting her big break on 2017’s Pretty Li Hui Zhen, Dilraba has never looked back. She is the brand ambassador of global brands like L’oreal Paris, Mikimoto, and P&G Whisper.

Blood Group: AB


3. Chen Kun

Veteran actor, singer Chen Kun is still one of the most popular actors in China. Over the years, Chen has given the audience some outstanding performances to become audience favorites. Chen is the brand ambassador of the Italian brand Prada and many more. Chen actively volunteers for social services and charity.

Blood Group: B


4. Zhao Liying 

Zhao Liying is one of the most successful actresses of China, who has an astounding film career.  Known to be the ‘Queen of TV ratings’ in China, her passion for acting and professionalism has led to the meteoric rise in her career. This hardworking actress is an inspiration for many and was given the title of “Inspirational Goddess” by her fans.

Blood Group: A


5. Karry Wang

Wang Junkai, popularly known by his stage name Karry Wang is a singer and actor based in China. The actor does many social services and advocates for environmental protection and was appointed as the National Goodwill Ambassador for China by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Blood Group: O


6. Xiao Zhan

Chinese heartthrob Xiao Zhan with his magnetic personality and amazing visuals have stolen the hearts of many. After getting his breakthrough role in 2019’s “The Untamed '', the actor received overseas recognition. Xiao Zhan is one of the most sought-after actors for brand endorsements and has endorsed global brands like Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Estée Lauder, etc.

Blood Group: B


7. Zhu Yilong

One word for Zhu Yilong is handsome! The 33-year-old actor who has been in Chinese showbiz received international fame from his breakthrough role in the 2018’s Guardians. Over the years, through his versatile acting, the actor has won countless followers and is one of the most anticipated actors of China.

Blood Group: O


8. Victoria Song

One of China’s most popular celebrities, who has made it big both in China and Korea, is Victoria Song. First gaining popularity as the leader of the South Korean girl group f(x), Victoria is the most established Chinese k-pop idol. After the group went to infinite hiatus in 2016, Victoria focused on her acting and solo promotions and is one of the busiest actresses in China.

Blood Group: A


9. Cheng Xiao 

Cheng Xiao is a Chinese actress and singer, and a member of the South Korean girl group WJSN. Lovingly described as a Living Barbie for a pretty doll-like face, Cheng Xiao has made it big not only in Korea but also in her home country China. The actress is in high demand after her dazzling performance in the romance drama “Falling into Your Smile” alongside Xu Kai.

 Blood Group: B


10. Zhang Xincheng

One of China’s rising stars, Zhang Xincheng, is next on our list. The talented actor has made his name in the entertainment industry with his impressive acting skills and down to earth personality. His ability to carry a drama has gained him the status of in-demand actor of the new generation.

Blood Group: O