Article: Top 10 Most Scandalous And Controversial Japanese Movies

Filmmaking today focuses on cold hard truths instead of fiction. What once was a medium for people to escape has now become a dark place where truths are laid down in an unsettling way. On one hand, these films are created to erase the social stigma and show us how brutal discrimination can be. On the other, they are just plain uncomfortable and leave us with a deep mistrust of humanity. Such films are often deemed inappropriate and banned by the Film screening board or the government themselves. Without any further ado, here is a list of the Top 10 Most Scandalous And Controversial Japanese Movies.

1. Audition

This horrifying film follows a man who has been recently widowed and decides to hold an audition in order to find a suitable partner. He interviews many candidates while finally settling with Asami. But everything is not as simple as it seems and Asami's dark secrets start affecting their relationship.


2. Perfect Blue

This animated film gives us an accurate view of the darker side of pop idol fan worship culture. Mima Kirigoe is a former member of a Japanese idol group who is now working on her acting career. The film goes on to show her declining mental health and escalating paranoia as she becomes a victim of stalking.


3. Tokyo Decadence

This movie was banned in several parts of South Korea and Australia for displaying graphic violence against women. It tells the story of a hooker who suffers sadomasochism at the hands of her client and is deeply mentally afflicted by her work and the fact that her lover is married.


4. Bounce Ko Girls

This crime drama story focuses on the dangerous Japanese culture of enjo-kosai through which schoolgirls make money by hooking up with older men based on their demands. The story follows three call girls who spend a night seducing members of the Yakuza and perverted older men on the street for some quick cash.


5. Love And Pop

This film is based on the Japanese culture of compensation dating, where minors are paid by older men to prostitute themselves. The story is about four Japanese girls in high school who engage in this compensated dating and gives an insight into this disturbing trend.


6. My Rainy Days

This scandalous film was directed by debuting director Yuri Kanchiku. It is also Japanese model Nozomi Sasaki's first film. This story follows Rio Ozawa, a manipulative high schooler who engages in extortion and enjo kosai and decides to mend her ways for an older professor with who she falls in love.


7. Shoujyou

This Lolita-styled, incestuous graphic film tells the story of a relationship between a 15-year-old and an older policeman who is quite possibly her father. This film received criticism in several forums and is considered a great piece for those looking for darker-themed films and psychodramas.


8. Battle Royale

Also referred to as the darker version of The Hunger Games, this story follows a high schoolers' class that have to fight each other to the death in order to make it out alive themselves. This gory and violent film was banned in several nations for its irresponsible glorifying of murder and violence.


9. Prophesies By Nostradamus

This film is based on the 16th-century French prophet Nostradamus and his infamous prophecies. In this film the protagonist sees the world crumble around him with human mutations because of the top scientific grasp. This film was deemed controversial because of the depiction regarding radiation afflicted humans turning into cannibals which offended the survivors of the Nagasaki bombing.


10. In The Realm Of The Senses

Considered one of the most disturbing and controversial films in history, this film was completely censored in several nations and also banned. This is because the final scene where Sada Abe, based on the real-life murderess, castrated her lover after killing him during a spell of erotic choking and kept his phallus as a keepsake was considered extremely graphic and too disturbing to allow viewers to watch. The film has several disturbing fantasies throughout.