Article: Top 10 C-Dramas’ Office Romance That Is Worthy To Watch

Chinese dramas are known for having many tropes, from mafia romance to office romance. People see so many of them being available. The trope of enjoying office romance has its charm because it's a forbidden love between the boss and the employee. Many C-Dramas genres of office romance have hooked people with a loving and entertaining vibe. Let’s look into the C-dramas office romance that is a must-watch for the audience.

1. Boss & Me

Boss & Me describes the story of Feng Teng, the CEO. His sister needs an urgent blood donation, but her blood type is rare. He knows that one of his employees, Xue Shanshan, has the same blood type. She helps the boy’s sister, and his sister wants to repay the gratitude. Each day, she sends her home a packed lunch. The closeness between the girl and the boy increases.

2. Lucky’s First Love

Lucky’s First Love describes a simple story about the first love of both of the leads. Xing Yun was hired to work in a gaming company by the owner, Xia Ke. Xia Ke is a headstrong boy who doesn’t understand or is interested in love. The constantly bickering between them leads to a close relationship with each other.

3. Please Feel At Ease, Mr. Ling 

Please Feel At Ease, Mr. Ling shows the story of Gu An Xin, who works as a delivery person. She meets with an accident with Ling Yue and brings him home. He tells her to take full responsibility for the same. It's a playful and good drama to enjoy in one sitting.

4. Here We Meet Again 

Here We Meet Again describes the story of a wealthy girl, Xiang Yuan, who goes to work in one of her grandfather’s bankrupt offices. She is determined to save the office. She encounters Yan Shi, her childhood crush. The story is simple and fun to enjoy as both the leads overcome their problems and fall in love.

5. About Is Love

About Is Love describes the story of Wei Qing, the CEO, who has severe OCD due to an accident eighteen years ago. No one can touch him, or he will get a severe allergic reaction. The girl is a university student, Zhuo Shi. She accidentally touches the boy, but to the boy’s surprise, he doesn't get any reaction. The boy hires her to treat him.

6. Love Me If You Dare 

Love Me If You Dare is a thriller and mysterious C-drama. Jenny Jian Yao works as a translator at the boy’s house without meeting him. The boy, Bo Jinyan, is a criminal Psychiatrist who can go inside the mind of the criminal and see the entire thing that happened at the crime spot. He hires girls as his assistants in solving various cases.

7. Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet tells the story of Jiang Jun, who gets a job in an investing company. She meets the bank’s executive director, Yuan Shuai. Yuan Shaui was the girl’s childhood mate. But with time, he also changes as he used to protect her in childhood, but now he has become her rival. The story is sweet and fun to watch for the audience.

8. Here To Heart

Here To Heart is an eternal love story. Wen Nuan suddenly disappears from the life of Zhan Nanxian, her boyfriend. After seven years, the boy started his own company. The girl works in England but quits it and joins to work in the boy’s company. Their story is full of tears and unanswered questions, which makes people shed tears.

9. Well-Intended Love 

Well-Intended Love tells the story of a D-Grade actress, Xia Lin, who has leukemia. She needs an urgent bone marrow transplant and must win the donations. For the same reason, she makes a fake marriage deal with the boy, Ling Yi Zhou, so she can get a transplant fast and continue her career in acting.

10. Our Glamorous Time

Our Glamorous Time describes the former military officer Li Zhi Cheng, who is from the military, to save his family business from bankruptcy. He meets Lin Qian, who has a brain and enthusiasm for working but is unsuccessful in her career path. Lian Qian helps Li Zhi Cheng with the company to save it, and in that process, they don't even realize when they fall for each other.