Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols That Look Like Real-Life Barbies

Last month, ‘Barbie’ had a live-action movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. The movie went on to become a worldwide blockbuster, thus initiating a lot of ‘Barbiecore’ trends. Therefore, here is a list of ten K-pop idols who can absolutely star as Barbies if any Korean remake comes to the scenario.

1. Somi

As the first-place winner of the survival reality series Produce 101 and a member of the show's eleven-member project girl group I.O.I, Jeon Somi quickly became a household name. She then signed with The Black Label, a division of YG Entertainment, after the group's operations with I.O.I came to an end. On June 13, 2019, the single "Birthday" marked her solo debut. Somi effortlessly carries her blonde hair and her biracial roots accentuate her beauty as a Barbie.

2. Minatozaki Sana

Sana debuted Twice in 2015 after participating in the survival show ‘Sixteen’. She is a part of the visual line of the group and is one of the most popular members. Her clumsy yet cute charms are always adored. Also, her ENFP personality type helps her to be a lovely social butterfly, so you can feel at ease whenever you are around her. Sana’s pink hair usually reminded me of my own inanimate Barbie dolls.

3. Huening Bahiyyih

Thanks to her high rank in the survival show Girls Planet 999, Bahiyyih debuted as a member of Kep1er in 2021. She is German-Korean; thus, her facial features have a Western glow to the Korean features she has borrowed from her mother. She keeps her hair in light shades, so it helps us in relating her to a Barbie. And just like how every real-life Barbie should be, she too is kind, sweet, and elegant in her way.

4. Yoon

Yoon is a High Up Entertainment-signed singer from South Korea. She is a part of the STAYC as their vocalist. She was unveiled as STAYC's sixth and last member on October 15, 2020. With the release of the single album "Star To A Young Culture" on November 12, the group made its debut. Ever since she was announced as a member, her doll-like visuals quickly became viral. Her big sparkly eyes and her long eyes add all to her Barbie aesthetic.

5. Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung gained recognition as a member of the K-pop group IZ*ONE, which was created through the program "Produce 48" in 2018. She joined the girl group IVE under Starship Entertainment after her contract with IZ*ONE ended in January 2021. Elegance is another name of Jang Wonyoung. With her small face yet big eyes and amazing height, her gorgeousness can hardly beat the allegations of her being a real-life Barbie.

6. Aisha

Aisha debuted under Yuehua Entertainment in the group Everglow in 2019. Since then, the group has been known for its catchy music and explosive performances. Amidst this popularity of the group, Aisha turns everyone’s heads due to her gorgeousness. Her cat eyes and tall stature make her one unique beauty in the industry. Further, she will add diversity to the Barbie line due to her unexpected deep singing voice.

7. Rose

Roseanne Park joined YG Entertainment in 2012 and became one of the four members of Blackpink, which debuted in 2016 and swiftly rose to international prominence. She also pursued a solo career, putting out her debut single album "R" in March 2021, which included the title track "On The Ground." With her honey vocals and blonde hair, Rose is everyone’s favorite Barbie. Rosé had been carrying Barbiecore before Barbiecore was a thing, from her graceful proportions to her doll-like facial features and distinguishing blonde hair.

8. IU

IU's music career began in 2008, and spans a variety of genres, from ballads to pop songs like "Good Day" and "Palette."She also has significant acting experience in dramas like "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" and "Hotel Del Luna." IU is well-known for her humanitarian activities and support to several causes and organisations in addition to being a sought-after celebrity endorser. With her warm heart and soft visuals, she is one ethereal Barbie who is loved by all.

9. Yuna

Shin Yuna is a notable member of the JYP Entertainment girl group Itzy. She is the group's lead rapper and visual performer. Since the group's debut with "Dalla Dalla" in February 2019, Yuna's vibrant contributions to Itzy's rap lines, as well as her striking visuals and stage presence, have significantly contributed to the group's popularity. Her performance in U-Go-Girl blessed us with Yuna’s unreal proportions in a pink shirt, which confirmed our theories of her being a Barbie.

10. Taeyeon

Taeyeon is a member of Girls' Generation (SNSD), a well-known K-pop girl group created by SM Entertainment in 2007. Known for their hits "Gee" and "I Got a Boy," SNSD enjoyed tremendous success during this time. Taeyeon launched an impressive solo career and showcased her strong vocals in songs like "I" and "Rain." In addition to her contributions to the music industry, she is praised for her versatility, having appeared on variety shows and tried her hand at acting. Taeyeon also sports her blonde hair often, but in her comeback Weekend, she was one adorable Barbie.