Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Have Worked For More Than 25 Years

There are a lot of Kdrama actors we are crushing on at the moment, and we are gushing over their fantastic acting skills. Still, we forget about the incredible acting skills of those supporting veteran actors whom we often take for granted. I have listed below ten famous veteran actors who have worked in the Korean entertainment industry for almost 25 years, if not more.

1. Choi Min Soo

He is an actor from South Korea. In 1985, he started his acting career with a movie named 'Nun'.  His list has many films like Holiday, Phantom the Submarine, Marriage Story and many more. His list also has many TV shows like Lawless Lawyer, Pride and Prejudice, Sandglass, Extracurricular and so many more.


2. Kim Won Hae

Also, a veteran South Korean actor Kim Won Hae debuted in the 1998 film Spring in my Hometown. His incredible performance in films like Asura: City of Madness, Heung-boo: The Revolutionist, A Violent Prosecutor and many other films have won our hearts. His characters in TV shows like Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, While you were Sleeping, Clean with Passion for now, and all his other dramas have made us feel many emotions.


3. Jung Joon Ho

He debuted as an actor in 1995. His list has many TV shows like True Beauty, Tale of Nokdu, Sky Castle and many more. He has also impressed us  in various films like My Boss, My Hero; Hitman: Agent Jun; My Boss, My Teacher and so many more. He has played a plethora of characters, all, brought to life by him.


4. Ahn Nae Sang

His debut was through a short film, Baeksekin, in 1994. His remarkable acting from then on, has won the hearts of many. Oasis, Killed My wife, Father's love are only some of the names in the long list of films that he was a part of. If you are a Kdrama addict, you might have been blown away by his acting in Law School, The Devil Judge, Lawless Lawyer or in some other drama from his vast list of those he has acted in. It is difficult not to know him as a Kdrama addict.


5. Lee Byung Hun

He entered the acting world in 1991 and has won hearts since then. He has been a part of two G.I. Joe films and also, I Saw the Devil and Red 2. But that's not it; his list of films has more names. His list of TV shows include Mr Sunshine, The Squid Game, Iris and many more, where he made us feel various emotions.


6. Kim Young Gun

This veteran actor made his debut in the industry with Myeongdong Wanderer's film. He starred in films like Take Off, Familyhood, 200 Pounds Beauty and Princess Aurora. He has a long list of TV shows where he appeared; some of them are, Marriage Contract, Cinderella and Four Knights, and The Lady in Dignity.


7. Cha In Pyo

He debuted in 1993 in a television series named Under the Same roof. His list has many TV shows since then like Boss, Fireworks, Star in My Heart and many more. His list also has many films like What Happened to Mr. Cha, Crossing, Hanbando and the list continues.


8. Chun Ho Jin

In 1986, he debuted in the industry in the movie Street of Desire. His filmography includes A Dirty Carnival, The Guard Post, The chase and many more. But you have probably seen him as a spine-chilling villainous character in a Kdrama. He has been a part of many Kdramas like Doctor Stranger, Once Again, My Strange Hero and many more.


9. Park Shin Yang

He debuted in 1996 in a TV show named Yuri. His list has many TV shows like Lovers in Paris; My Lawyer, Mr Jo; Sign and the list goes on. He starred in many films like Man on the Edge, A Promise, The Big Swindle, and so on.


10. Sung Dong Il

His debut was in 1992 in Gwanchon Essay. His list has many films like Midnight Runners, The Chase, Metamorphosis and the list is endless. He acted in various TV shows like The Cursed, Miss Hammurabi, Reply 1988, Reply 1994, Sisyphus and the list goes on. He has made our hearts fill up with warmth.