Article: Top 10 Most Popular Korean Makeup Artists

Makeup has become a significant part of the entertainment industry that gives a perfect touch-up to the looks of actors and actresses. The makeup is equally responsible for the success of a film, and so are the makeup artists. They have the potential to bring the magic of elegance to one's look by their exceptional and mesmerizing skills of touch-up. Here we will talk about the top 10 most popular Korean makeup artists.

1. Dain

Dain's work can be seen in many prolific figures like Uhm Ji-won, Kim Hee-sun, Kim Hee-Jung, & Jin Ki-Joo. She has beautifully presented her talent, and her work can also be seen on the set of the infamous drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One.

2. Gil Beauty

Gil Beauty is great with her work and keeps her followers up-to-date with her tutorials and vlogs. Her work is seen in the members of TNX and STAYC. She has impressively worked with   Song So-hee, a traditional Korean music singer.

3. Jung Saem Mool

She is impressive with translucent makeup looks, and her talent works impressively with her 25 years of experience. She owns a successful beauty academy and has also worked for the set of Descendants of the Sun.

4. Jungnam

Jugnam's work has shown appearance over the trendy scene of boys over flowers. She is an expert with bridal makeup, keeps track of her widespread Instagram handle, and began the "jello skin" TikTok trend.

5. Lee Nakyeum

She is the makeup artist of the infamous NewJeans who would leave a mesmerizing effect on any face. She is active on Instagram and youtube, where she posts her popular content regarding tips for a 3D look.

6. Maeng Ssaem

Maeng Ssaem has worked beautifully for Korean sensation black pink and is responsible for their iconic looks from most tours and videos. She is frequent with the Instagram posting of her mesmerizing work.

7. Min-Ah Park

Min-Ah Park is the name when someone thinks about the edgy and androgynous arena of makeup. She is responsible for the bold and sensational makeup looks of the infamous HyunA and focuses more on bold lips and lashes.

8. Pony

Pony is quite famous, even for the one who has no relation with Korean beauty and makeup, due to her Instagram and youtube viral trends. She has been credited for popularizing Korean beauty lines and was named in Forbes Under 30 Asia.

9. Risabae

She is famous for creating jaw-dropping masterpieces of herself and her idols. She can recreate her idol's fashion flawlessly, and her fans like it too. She has worked for big names such as EXID and AOA and is quite famous for her slight resemblance with an idol.

10. Suzie K

Suzie K creates countless iconic looks for singers and models and works for a Girl generation's member. She has done incredible work in Lips on Lips and born-again music video visuals. She has worked for Yuh Jung Youn, who received a historical Oscar. She is impressive and top-notch in her every single work.