Article: Top 10 Chinese Drama Based On Contract Marriages

We’ve all heard the story about two individuals being forced into marriage against their choice and forced to live together until they fell in love. It’s always interesting to see them pretend to be a real couple while trying to hide their jealousy. Here is a list of the Top 10 Chinese Drama based on Contract Marriages.

1. Perfect And Casual

The story follows Zhang Si Nian, a cold lecturer, and Yun Shu, a gentle warm-hearted girl. After a heated first meeting, Yun Shu was astonished to find that Su Nian was her university lecturer. The two agreed to take into a contract marriage through a series of random encounters, and they eventually began falling in love with each other.

2. Once We Get Married

Gu Xi Xi, a fashion shopper, runs a small online business from her home and buys Alex’s customized wedding gowns for her clients. During a private reception, Gu Xi Xi met Yi Shi Chen, the president who had come to talk with Alex regarding business cooperation. A situation occurs that forces them to keep a contract marriage relationship for the time being to benefit Alex. In this marriage, the two opposite personalities gradually fall in love.

3. Begin Again

Lu Fangning is the general manager of Luning Group, significant cooperation in the business home furnishing industry. Lu Fangning has all three: talent, beauty, and wealth. She urgently needs a husband with whom she can have a child because of pressure from her family. Unexpectedly, surgeon Ling Rui appears in front of her. Lu Fangning believes that Ling Rui is the ideal choice because of his good looks and angelic heart. They eventually get married after she manages her way into his life.

4. Mid Summer Is Full Of Love

Luo Tian Ran is a young woman with a strong sense of self-respect who aims to work as a songwriter in the music industry. She moves out of her house because of her friends and crosses paths with the spoilt brat superstar Jin Ze Yi. They both share a home temporarily. However, Luo Tian Ran eventually gives in to Jin Ze Yi’s charms over time, and the attraction makes them fall for each other.

5. Well Indented Love

A high-rated actress with leukemia who needs help with her treatment becomes involved with the CEO. To continue her career, she needed a bone marrow transplant, so Xia Lin secretly married Ling Yi Zhao. Despite conspiracy and misunderstandings, they are both able to find genuine love.

6. You Are My Destiny

Young fashion editor Chen Jiaxin meets wealthy heir Wang Shiyi after his girlfriend left him on a cruise ship. Later, Wang Shiyi helps Chen Jiaxin to find her boyfriend, who had been cheating on her. After a drunken one-night stand resulted in an unwanted pregnancy, they step into contact marriage.

7. Love In Time

To bring her out of a crisis, an unknown writer gets into a contract marriage with a high-ranking investment company. They happened to share a desk in school. The two gradually become familiar with one another and eventually fall in love during their fake marriage.

8. Please Love Me

Due to a plan involving a candid camera incident, two different people with different lives cross paths. To deal with the consequences, well-known actor Yi Han and manicurist Pei You You, who have long desired to buy her a house, enter into a marriage contract. The fake couple, once strangers had nothing in connection, start to feel true feelings for each other.

9. Cute Programmer

After falling in love with the talented programmer Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li goes to the university he attended and chooses computer science as her major. She had not even expected that Jiang’s company didn’t hire women when she eventually wanted to work with him. Lu Li decides to enter the company disguised as a male. She had difficulty managing her true identity, though. She continued until she finally grabbed the chance to sign a one-year contract marriage. Jiang Yicheng eventually begins to develop feelings for Lu Li.

10. Unforgettable Love

The story revolves around He Qiao Yan, CEO of Heshi Group, and Qin Yin Yu, a child psychologist. It describes the relationship between a chilly, heartless guy and a calm, joyful psychologist after they cross paths through He Qiao’s child, who was aching for maternal love. Due to his child, they get under contract marriage and end up falling in love.