Article: Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Animated Movies For Children

Chinese animation is not new to the market and has roots dug deep in the 1990s. The children have a strong affection for animated stuff because of these simple and attractive visuals. Here, we will discuss the top 10 most popular Chinese animated movies for children.

1. Princess Iron

Princess is first and foremost in the list that left a mark since its release date and is loosely based on Wukong legend. The animation is close to that of Disney of that time, and the plot is based on a monkey king who tries his best to get a magic princess fan.

2. Nezha

Nezha is popular with its exceptional and unexpected blow at the box office, which has a high input vs output ratio for money making. The plot follows the King Zhou dynasty and spirit beads.

3. The Peacock Princess

The story is of a peacock princess and prince who must face odds to get her princess due to the curse of an evil magician. The tale is a mix of swan lake and Chinese folktale and has been adapted into various versions.

4. The Cowboy's Flute

This simple yet impressive anime follows the Chinese watercolour style and music. It's about a boy who dreams of finding his lost friend with the help of the music of his flute and his water buffalo.

5. The Magic Brush

The magic brush is simple yet soothing, featuring a poor peasant, his wife, a magician, and a greedy villain. As the title suggests, it's about the magic brush given to this duo that can bring a drawn object to life.

6. The Girl With Long Hair

As the title suggests, the story is of a young girl with beautiful long hair that turns from black to white because of holding the truth about the demon. The demon was blocking the water from mountains that could have saved her village from drought.

7. Snow White The Frog Prince

The Chinese version is full of twists, and as the title suggests, it's about the blend of snow white and the frog prince. In this story, snow white has a frog friend that turns out to be a charming prince at the end of the story.

8. Big Fish Begonia

The story revolves around Chun, who lives in a world of magical beings and spirits. The things turn upside down when she accidentally causes the death of an innocent boy in the form of a red dolphin before turning 16.

9. The Legend Of Hei

The legend of Hei revolves around the significance of balance between humans and spirits. The protagonist is Xiaohei, who can reshape himself into a black cat and gets in contact with different energies and humans after his home is destroyed.

10. White Snake

This impressive movie is based on a folktale featuring a white snake named Blanc, who loses her sight of memories after falling in love with a snake hunter and her sister Verta.