Article: Top 10 Chinese Celebrities Who Love Street Food

Food isn’t just a necessity but a way of life instead. Certain Foods contain memories of the past, be it helping mom make your favourite dish or eating your granny’s special curry, food connects us in ways we never knew of.

Ever wonder if your favourite stars have similar memories or favourite foods? Well, check it out! We’ve derived for you a list of the top 10 Chinese celebrities who love street food just as much as you do.

1. Zanilia Zhao (Aka Zhao Liying)

The Chinese actress-singer is best known for her role in ‘The Legend of Lu Zhen', ‘Boss & me' and many more, but acting isn’t the only thing Zhao is good at. The actress is known for her great body profile as well as her love for simple street food. In an Instagram Post, She can be seen posing with ‘Zongzi’, commonly available festive rice dumplings eaten specially during the dragon boat festival, in Mainland China.


2. Wang Pei Yu 

Wang Pei Yu is a Chinese Peking opera singer-actress, known for playing old sheng roles. The Plum Blossom Award bagger knows, both, her art and her food. Appearing on Taste of China, Pei Yu recalls her love for Yanduxian, a stew made from Deux of cured pork and fresh pork with fresh winter bamboo shoots. Mentioning the dish also brought up sweet memories of the singer and her grandmother.


3. Dilraba Dilmurat (Aka Dilireba) 

The renowned Chinese actress, host, dancer, and model is visible fantasizing over local Chinese street foods, which make our hearts yearn too. The ‘Swords of Legends' actress is showing off Baozi, a type of yeast-risen steamed bun, found in various Chinese cuisines. She can be spotted eating ‘teokbokki', a Korean rice cake dish.


4. Zhu Yilong 

Zhu Yilong shares the same relation with noodles as bees with flowers. And we understand why. The 33-year-old, ‘Guardian' actor, seems to be equally in love with sweets, cakes, and local Chinese street foods, making us very jealous indeed.


5. Hu Ge

Hu Ge, aka Hugh hu, is a popular Chinese actor and singer. The ‘Chinese Paladin’ actor is an exception in this list, as not only does he love eating street food but also enjoys occasional cooking.


6. Bai Yu 

Bai Yu is a Chinese actor, he starred alongside Zhu Yilong in their well-known drama ‘Guardian'. Not only do both actors share great acting skills, but also the love for Chinese street food. The ‘The bond’ actor looks just adorable eating noodles in what appears to be a local small-scale Chinese restaurant.


7. Zhou Dongyu 

Zhou Dongyu became famous after appearing in Zhang Yimou’s film ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree. The 29-year-old is everything we envy, with an angelic face, excellent body profile, and lunchtime along with loved ones and most importantly, street food that takes our breath away. From her Instagram feed, we can state that Zhou also heavily emphasizes home-cooked yummy and healthy meals. Something to take away.


8. Gong Jun

Simon gong, aka Gong Jun, is now widely known for his portrayal of Wen Ke Xing, in the popular Wuxian drama, ‘Word of Honor’. Not the irresistibly cute smile, but the incredibly delicious foods, are the ones to melt our hearts this time. Probing around his Instagram feed for too long will make you want to take a tour around the Chinese street food markets.


9. Louis Koo 

Louis Koo Tin-Lok is an actor, singer, and film maker. The 51-year-old, bags a spot in this list not only because of his love for Chinese street food but also for food from different and varied cultures, he seems to especially enjoy the Japanese-style ramen. A lot of the TVB’s Best Actor Award winner's, focus appears to be on beautifully crafted cakes and coffees. Which we are all for.


10. Zhang Zhe Han

Last but certainly not the least, we have for you the ever-handsome, Zhang Zhe Han. Zhe Han’s most recent and unforgettable accomplishment is the portrayal of, Zhou Zi Shu, in ‘Word Of Honor'. Similar to the ‘Guardian’ Star-couple, Zhang and Gong share the same love for traditional Chinese street foods. Zhang is often spotted in restaurants and Chinese cuisine speems to be his favorite.


So here we have it. Our picks for Top 10 Chinese celebrities who love street food much as we do. Loved the list? Did we miss someone out? Let me know within the comment section underneath!