Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Started Their Careers Through Bl Dramas

Korean BL dramas have escalated in popularity only recently. Earlier, South Korea wasn’t thrilled to jump into the Boy’s Love happening like the other countries. Korean BL series took a while to gain attraction over the years. You’ll notice Korea started investing more in BL dramas and series only after 2021 and 2022. Now actors are coming into the audience’s attention primarily by acting in BL dramas and series. It’s fair enough to say that the Korean BL industry is blooming. So below are the Top 10 Korean Actors who started their careers through BL dramas.

1. Jang Eui-soo

Jang Eui-soo (born Jan 22, 1990) is a South Korean actor and model. He gained popularity after starring in the BL drama “Where Your Eyes Linger”, which aired in 2020. The audience him through his previous supporting roles in various series and dramas but in 2020, Jang rose to popularity by playing Kang-gook in Korea’s first Boy’s Love drama “Where Your Eyes Linger” alongside Han Gi-chan. Jang received a lot of love and positive attention for his performance and experienced an upswing in popularity.

2. Kang You seok

Kang You Seok is a South Korean actor managed by HODU&U Entertainment. He attended the Korea National University of Arts and debuted in the 2018 OCN series “Gods Quiz: Reboot”, where the audience caught interest in his role “Man Jong” in just one episode. He then starred in a BL drama, “Light on Me”, alongside Lee Sae On, which aired in 2021, where his character Noh Sinu got a lot of love for his awkward yet bubbly personality. Kang received a rush of popularity after the drama aired on television.

3. Kim Kang-min

Kim Kang-min (born Dec 2, 1998) is a South Korean actor. He debuted with the TV series “Hot Stove League.” He’s veritably well known for his part in the TV series “Hospital Playlist.” Apart from that, Kim has played a lot of supporting roles in various k-dramas such as Golden Spoon. He starred as the main lead in the bl drama “To My Star” alongside Son Woo Hyun, which aired in 2021. The actor received so much love and affection from the audience that there was a part 2 released soon after. The chemistry between the two actors attracted a lot of the audience bringing a surge of popularity to the actors. Both actors received tons of roles after the drama aired.

4. Choe Chan-yi

Choe Chan Yi is a Korean actor and singer, a member of the multi-trainer group “The Man BLK.” Stardium Entertainment currently manages Choe Chan-yi. Before this, he was a contestant on Mnet’s Boys24 as a member of Unit Green. He played various supporting and guest roles before, and then in 2021, he starred in a bl drama, “Light on Me”, which was a huge success and attracted lots of positive attention. His character Shin Da On, received lots of adoration and affection from the viewers.

5. Kang In-soo

Kang In-soo is a South Korean actor and singer. He was born and brought up in Suwon Gyeonggi Province. He was an ambitious singer in his teenage years and applied to the Department of Theater and Film in high school he majored in dance following the rebuff of his initial application. His first appearance was in the BL series “Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart.” He played the role of a free-spirited singer Kang In-soo which suited him as perfectly as a glove. The audience loved his acting just as much as his singing. He received a surge in popularity after the series aired in 2020.

6. Han Gi-chan

Han Gi-chan is a South Korean actor.  In 2019 he made his entertainment industry assiduity debut as a competitor on the survival audition show “Produce X 101”. He was a K-pop trainee for ten months under the entertainment company Fantagio before his appearance as a contestant on the survival reality show Produce X 101. Later he starred in a BL series, “Where Your Eyes Linger”, alongside Jang Eui Soo in 2020. His character was adored and loved by millions. He then played another main lead in a BL series, “Ocean Likes Me”, alongside Holland in 2022. He received a gush of popularity for both the BL dramas.

7. Kim Ji-woong

Kim Ji-woong is a Korean actor, singer, and model. He was previously in a boy band, INX. Kim debuted as an actor in 2021 through the web series “The Sweet Blood.” He is best known for his roles in the BL series “Kissable Lips” and “Roommates of Poongduck 304”. He played both roles alongside Yoon Seo-bin. Their characters were loved and shown affection by the audience. Their fanbase rose with speed after the airing of the BLs.

8. Yoon Seo-bin

Yoon Seo-bin is a Korean actor and singer. He was born on Dec 14, 1999. Yoon debuted in 2019 when he participated in the survival reality program “Produce X 101.” The same year he made his debut as an actor with his first role in a tv drama. Since then, he has played a handful of roles in other dramas, including bl dramas such as “Kissable Lips and Roommates of Poongduck 304” alongside Kim Ji Woong.

9. Son Woo-hyun

Son Woo-hyun is a South Korean actor, singer, and songwriter. Son first appeared on tv in 2011 by the name Ghun as the leader of X-5. He quickly caught the public’s eye and gained a lot of popularity through his mind-blowing performances. Son played a lot of support roles in various dramas for a while. Later in 2021, he played the main lead in the BL drama “To My Star” alongside Kim Kang Min. Their chemistry was off the charts, and the public fell in love with their characters. A part 2 for the drama was in the making not too long after part 1 aired. After the fame, he received through the BL, Son received various second-lead roles in other dramas. Thousands loved his character.

10. Park Jae-chan

Park Jae Chan is a 21-year-old South Korean singer, songwriter, composer, rapper, dancer, and actor. He is a member of the K-pop boy band DKZ and its sub-unit Dongkiz I: Kan. Jae Chan debuted with his group in 2019, but they could not get as much public attention. In 2022 he was the lead in a BL series, “Semantic Error”, alongside Park Seoham, an idol. His role Chu Sang Woo received lots of love and affection from the audience for his conservative yet stubborn behavior. After the drama aired, Park Jae Chan received a rush of popularity, and so did his group, their songs are now very famous, with more than millions of fans.