Article: Top 10 Murder Mystery K-Dramas

Murder! Such an intriguing word. Our ears peak out and our senses alert up at this word. It’s full of thrill and mystery. A dose of curiosity is also needed every once in a while to keep your brain entertained. Numerous shows and movies involve crime and murder. But not all are as intriguing as some of us want them to be. It takes a good amount of effort to find the perfect show according to our liking. A show that will pique our curiosity and leave us wanting more. Well, we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Murder Mystery K-dramas that will get you wanting more with each passing episode!

1. One Ordinary Day

He is just another average university student with a decent life. But one random night, he visits a stranger’s house and sleeps with her. After waking up, he finds her dead body with no one around. He is Kim Hyun Soo who is accused of murder that took place while he was asleep. No one is ready to help him but a third-rated lawyer who barely managed to pass the bar exam.

2. Mouse 

Jung Ba Reum works at a police station as a rookie police officer. He is utterly honest and pursues justice at all times. He has no choice but to face a psychopathic murderer who has been haunting the entire nation. His entire life takes a turn during the story.

3. My Name

Yoon Ji-woo wants to find the murderer of her father who was killed one night in front of her eyes while she could not do anything but watch. Her blood is boiling with revenge. She decides to trust a crime boss who is popular in the undercover criminal world and becomes a member of his gang. However, she also joins the police force as a mole as she is ready to do anything to avenge the death of her father.

4. Inspector Koo

Koo Kyung-Yi is a former police officer who is in her 40s. However, she’s now working as a private detective as well as an insurance investigator. She is extremely smart and has excellent intuition in how she solves her cases. She is behind a female university student who is a serial killer.

5. Less than Evil

Being a lonely veteran detective, Woo Tae-Seok solely focuses on solving cases because he is provided with nothing else to do. He is stuck upon a line between good and bad. After crossing paths with, Lee Seol, a female psychopath, he wanted to arrest her but did not have enough evidence. Eventually, the psychopathic woman helps Tae-Seok to solve his other cases and becomes an efficient partner.

6. Vigilante

Kim Ji Yong is a police academy student who is an honest compiler of the law and does everything in his power to preserve them. But that’s him during the day. When the sun sets and the dark takes over, he becomes a vigilante and fights evil criminals who can hurt people if left unattended.

7. He Is Psychometric

Lee Ahn lost his parents in a deadly fire but acquired the power of psychometry. It is the ability to read the secrets of anyone who comes into his contact physically. With this ability, he decided to take down the evil. At the time when he's trying to take command of his power, he meets Yoon Jae who tries to bury her dark secrets. The two grow and heal together and find the culprit of the fire.

8. Tell Me What You Saw 

Oh Hyun Jae solved many cases with his top-tier profiling skills and used to be a brilliant criminal profiler. But one explosion caused the death of his fiancé which resulted in his downfall. He isolated himself due to the trauma caused by her death. However, he comes back to partner up with a beginner detective to solve the mystery behind his fiancé's death.

9. Voice

The storyline of this is somewhat similar to ‘Tell Me What You Saw’. In this, a skilled detective teams up with a freshly graduated cop from a police academy. The two have a talent for voice profiling. They use it to chase down a serial killer that caused the deaths of both their loved ones.

10. Tunnel 

One day, the killings that had stopped over three decades ago mysteriously started taking place again. On one side of the tunnel, Park Gwang-Ho, a detective desperately found himself trying to catch a murderer back in 1983. However, on the other side, he is in the year 2017. He wishes to catch the serial killer with the help of the future-time detectives.