Article: Top 10 Shoujo Anime With Worthy Storylines Of All Time

Shoujo anime has always been the talk of the town. These are mainly the type of anime that are popular among young girls, but that does not mean they stay limited to them only. These can be enjoyed equally well by people of anyone regardless of age or gender. In recent years, these anime have rose to fame once again after dying down for some time. Popular for having adorably romantic stories, they also feature intriguing storylines that are enough to give you a rollercoaster of emotions. Here we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Shoujo Anime that one should watch when starting on Shoujo Anime!

1. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a story of an orphan teenage girl, Tohru Honda, who used to live in a tent after the death of her mother. One day she stumbles upon a house which turns out to be one of her classmates, Yuki Sohma’s home. As the story proceeds, she learns the truth about the Sohma family being possessed by Chinese Zodiac Animals that turn into their animal forms if someone of the opposite gender hugs them. Later, she also learns about the miseries they have to face because of this curse, so she decides to free them all.

2. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Seika High, previously an all-boys school, finally becomes co-ed. However, the female population remains low. Misaki Ayuzawa decides to make the hellish boys’ school a liveable place for girls. She was loved and admired by all the girls while boys saw her as a man-hater who was rude and devilish. One thing no one knew about her was that she was poor. Because of this, she secretly used to work as a maid. However, a popular boy, Takumi Usui, learns about it and starts visiting her café. He develops a liking of her but she despised him. The story shows how Misaki Ayuzawa falls for Takumi Usui’s charm.

3. Kamisama Kiss

Nanami is a homeless girl until she finds an abandoned shrine to live at that comically made her a local deity. As a god, she had a familiar fox spirit who was a womanizer. Throughout the story, she learns about the tragic past of her familiar. She also starts developing feelings for her familiar but a god and a familiar staying together was not something that could be achieved ‘oh-so easily’. Nanami decides to do everything in her power to be with the fox spirit.

4. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran Academy is a school for the filthy rich. But there was a regular middle-class girl, Haruhi Fujioka, who had won a scholarship. While looking for a quiet place to study one day, she saw an empty music room. Soon enough she learns that it was the club room of the Ouran Host Club- some handsomely rich as well as attractive boys who used to entertain females. Later, Haruhi was forced to join the club after she accidentally knocked over an expensive vase that she could not pay for. However, after joining, it did not take her long enough to see that things were not what they looked like.

5. Yona Of The Dawn

Yona is the daughter of the king of the kingdom of Kouka. She was considered exceptionally beautiful because of her rare red hair. She was used to leading a safe life in the palace. However, one day all of it turned upside down when she had to abandon her safe home and flee the kingdom after the murder of her father with her bodyguard, Hak, who was her childhood friend. To acquire her kingdom back, she decides to become strong and crush her father’s murderer. She searches for four epical dragons to do that.

6. Kimi Ni Todoke

Sawako Kuronuma had always had an insecurity of being misunderstood due to her cold looks. She was rumored to have the ability to see ghosts and put curses on people. However, all these rumors were false as she was a charming girl who wanted to make friends. She used to feel drawn towards a popular boy Kazehaya, admiring his ability to be friendly and be the centre of attention. She decided to befriend him and her other classmates during a ‘test of courage’ that changed the course of her entire high-school life.

7. Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Takashi Natsume has a strange ability to see unnatural creatures called ‘Youkai’. He was a lonely orphan who used to believe he would never be able to get along with anyone. One day he finds an old notebook of his grandmother. She was an exorcist who had captured the Youkai in her notebook after defeating them. Natsume decides to give back the names of all the spirits with the help of a feline spirit named Madara.

8. Nana

The story shows the life of two utterly different women named Nana who coincidentally became roommates. Both of them are grown-up adults facing problems of adulthood like peer connections, relationships, and survival in a big city. Both dealt with their problems differently. They grew and changed together. The two were extremely different but had a lot of common things among them. They both soothed each other’s pain by being present for each other.

9. Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino was a middle-school student was befriended Luna who was a black cat that talked. Luna gave Tsukino a magical brooch that allowed her to transform into a savior guardian of the earth called Sailor Moon. She is joined by several other Sailor Guardians on her journey. They all go together to save the solar system from evil.

10. Snow White With The Red Hair

Shirayuki is an ordinary girl but she acquired an intriguing thing which was her unique red hair that was admired by everyone. One day, she was spotted by a foolish Prince named Raj who fell for her red hair and wanted her to become his mistress. However, Shirayuki was interested in botany and herbal medicine and did not wish to marry the prince. With no other choice, she had to cut her red hair and flee to another country. There she meets Prince Zen and after that, her life drastically changed.