Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas And Movies Of Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji is a South Korean actress who has won the hearts of fans all over the world with her talent and charisma. She has established herself as a leading figure in the Korean drama industry thanks to her stunning beauty and prodigious acting abilities. These top 10 dramas with Seo Ye Ji are not to be missed if you enjoy captivating storyline and memorable characters.

1. It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Moon Gang Tae is a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who was gifted with a fantastic body, intelligence, the capacity for empathy, patience, the capacity for fast thinking, stamina, and more. Meanwhile, Ko Moon Young, a well-known author of children's books, comes out as incredibly egocentric, haughty, and harsh because of an antisocial personality disorder. Ko Moon Young is unaware that Moon Gang Tae rejects love. By defying fate and falling in love, the two discover their souls and selves.

2. Lawless Lawyer

Bong Sang Pil grew up leading a mafia lifestyle including risky physical altercations and dodging the law. He resolves to exact revenge on his mother's killer after she passes away tragically. As a lawyer, Sang Pil goes after those in positions of absolute power who believe they are beyond the law. Ha Jae Yi is a young attorney who works for justice and regards the law as sacrosanct. But when she assaults a judge over an unfair trial decision, her license is suspended. Jae Yi ultimately decides to work for Sang Pil to continue paying off her father's debts. When Cha Moon Sook, a powerful senior judge, and Ahn Oh Joo, a former mobster who is now the CEO of a company, are embroiled in a case, Sang Pil and Jae Yi become involved.

3. Save Me

When Sang-jin, Im Sang-mi's twin brother (Ye Ji), commits suicide, her family's position reaches an all-time low. Sang-mi's family is seduced by the Goseonwon, a religious cult, who take note of their precarious situation. A few years later, she begs her classmates Choi Man-hee (Ha Hwa Jung), Han Sang-hwan (Ok Taec Yon), Suk Dong-Chul (Woo Do Hwan), and Woo Jung-hoon (Lee David) to save her from the cult's inherent evil.

4. Moorim School

The Moorim School is a secret institution that can only be viewed by select persons; it places more emphasis on physical prowess than just intellectual achievement. The school instills in its pupils excellent characteristics like integrity, faith, selflessness, and communication. The school's teachers and pupils are from various nations, and each has a unique background. Up until a student comes into the academy and changes the future of all the students, everything is exceptional and routine.

5. Hwarang

In this Seo Yea Ji portrays the role of Princess Sook Myung. Since the passing of her father, King Beopheung, Queen Jiso (Kim Ji-soo) has ruled Silla as regent, protecting her son Sammaekjong (Park Hyung-sik) from foes and assassins. Citizens, government representatives, and Sammaekjong himself have all grown impatient for her to abdicate leadership as the young King reaches adulthood. Jiso worries about the repercussions of giving up the monarchy because the strong nobles who attempted to usurp the power are still interested in it. They are unaware that their King, Sammaekjong, and Kim Sun-woo (Park Seo-Joon), a commoner with a secret even he is not aware of, are among this new elite group of male youngsters as they develop and connect.

6. Eve

Lee Ra El was a little girl who looked up to her adoring parents, a brilliant father, and a stunningly attractive mother. Her family, however, disintegrates after her father dies due to ruthless outside influences. She swears to exact revenge on the extremely wealthy individuals who planned this horrific tragedy, bitterly hurt by this terrible experience. Kang Yoon Kyum, the CEO of the LY Group business empire and one of the masterminds of the conspiracy that ultimately led to her family's demise, is her main target. Divorce is the preferred weapon of Lee Ra El. She aims to permanently discredit Kang Yoon Kyum and LY Group by putting herself amidst a legal dispute valued at an astounding USD 1.6 billion.

7. Quantum Physics

Lee Chan Woo, a former bartender and middle school dropout, aspires to launch his exclusive nightclub with the financial support of a renowned moneylender. He enlists the assistance of renowned floor manager Sung Eun Young to assist with opening preparations. When prominent rapper Fractal is found high on drugs one day by Chan Woo, he chooses to inform his pal, police officer Park Gi Heon. Gi Heon learns during his investigation that among those doing drugs with Fractal is the son of one of the greatest loan sharks, Baek Young Gam. Sadly, the scheme to remove Baek goes awry, with some in the prosecutor's office and even politicians taking part.

8. Another Way

While caring for her crippled mother and working a part-time job, Jung Won finds life to be challenging and decides to commit suicide. A police officer named Soo Wan is looking for the meaning of life. After witnessing his mother commit suicide when he was a small child. They agree to commit suicide when they first meet in Chuncheon.

9. Warning: Do Not Play

In this Seo Yea Ji plays the role of Park Mi Jung. An ambitious director named Mi Jeong searches for a movie that is reportedly the product of a ghost in this mystery horror movie. She encounters Jae Hyeon, the actual film's director while doing her quest.

10. Night Watchman's Journal

In this tale, Seo Yea Ji plays the role of Park Soo Ryeon. In this strangely akin to the "Ghostbusters" tale, young guardians of the Joseon Dynasty battle demons. In this story, which takes place in a royal palace, the good folks kill demons while the bad ones use them to further their agendas. The palace is full of evil schemes to usurp the king and grab control.