Article:  Top 10 Korean Movies And Dramas Of Kim Soo Hyun

There's a good possibility that you've heard of Kim Soo Hyun if you're a fan of the Korean drama scene. With his exceptional acting skills and endearing on-screen persona, this gifted actor has won the hearts of fans. Kim Soo Hyun's body of work, which ranges from gripping thrillers to uplifting romances, is nothing short of outstanding. I'll walk you through the top 10 dramas that highlight his extraordinary talent in this article.

1. It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Moon Gang Tae is a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who was gifted with a fantastic body, intelligence, the capacity for empathy, patience, the capacity for fast thinking, stamina, and more. Meanwhile, Ko Moon Young, a well-known author of children's books, comes out as incredibly egocentric, haughty, and harsh because of an antisocial personality disorder. Ko Moon Young is unaware that Moon Gang Tae rejects love. By defying fate and falling in love, the two discover their souls and selves.

2. My Love From The Star

An Alienfrom another planet named Do Min Joon arrived on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty. His physical attributes, which include his near-perfect appearance and improved vision, hearing, and speed, are boosted. Later, he learns that he has only three months left on Earth. He then meets Cheon Song Yi, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea, at that point. The drama develops as their lives become entwined, incorporating time travel, romance, and extraterrestrial intrigue.

3. Moon Embracing The Sun

Moon Embracing The Sun, which aired in 2012, is Kim Soo-hyun's most popular television program. It also earned him Best Actor and Best Drama at the Baeksang Arts Awards the same year. It is based on Jung Eun-gwol's novel of the same name and portrays the story of a secret, heartfelt romance between a fictitious Joseon Dynasty king and a female shaman. Lee Hwon (Kim Soo-hyun) falls in love with Heo Yeon-woo (Kim Yoo-jung) against the backdrop of a charming but conflict- and conspiracy-filled Korean traditional palace. Heo Yeon-woo was later defrauded of her fate by the cunning of the Queen and Prime Minister Yoon. Heo Yeon-woo inexplicably passes away, but several secrets emerge.

4. Dream High

The drama "Dream High" follows six Kirin Art High School students as they attempt to realize their aspirations of becoming Korean music industry stars. Go Hye Mi, a student who majored in classical music, must give up her dream of becoming a musician and enroll at Kirin Art High School to help her father pay off his debt. For her to enroll in the school conditionally, she must convince two additional pupils to visit as well. These two pupils are Jin Guk, whom she meets by chance while attempting to flee a loan shark, and Song Sam Dong, who is from the countryside. Hye Mi betrays her, and Yoon Baek Hee, who was once her sidekick, becomes her competitor at school.

5. The Thieves

In this Kim Soo Hyun portrays the role of Zampano. The tale follows a Hong Kong crew and a group of South Korean burglars who work together to rob a Macau casino safe that was well guarded of a diamond necklace. Old betrayals—and misunderstandings—reemerge as the police press in.

6. Cherry Blossom

Kim Soo Hyun participated in this short film as a student in 2008. A Chinese woman named Zhang Lina travels to Seoul for a single day to mark the first anniversary of her first encounter with her late boyfriend, Jae Hwan. She encounters Han Hyun Min, a Korean student while enquiring about the address. The three travel around Seoul with Han Hyun Joon, Hyun Min's brother.

7. Secretly Greatly

Since its early years, North Korean elite Special Forces have trained a squad of spies known as the 5446 Corps, ostensibly with the noble objective of reconciling Korea. They are sent to South Korea on an ambitious mission, where they each pose as an idiot, a wannabe singer, and a high schooler. They gradually become accustomed to living as common neighbors in a little village while passing the time without receiving any orders from the North, until one day their routine lives are abruptly flipped upside down when they are given a "secret and great" task.

8. Real

A conspiracy and a conflict centered on Asia's largest casino... "Suddenly, someone who exactly resembles me appeared." Underground billionaire Jo Won Geun arrives immediately in front of gang leader Jang Tae Young and claims possession of the casino before Jang Tae Young can even begin to operate it. After Jo's intervention, Jang searches for a new investor to keep his casino from being taken away. One day, an investor with the same name and appearance as him appears and offers to solve all issues, including Jo. With the advent of this enigmatic investor, Jang's conflict with Jo begins. All things are possible only for the actual one.

9. One Ordinary Day

Drama that looks at the criminal justice system from a very popular angle by telling the compelling tale of two guys who are involved in a woman's murder. Ordinary college student Hyun Soo unexpectedly emerges as the case's top suspect. The sole attorney ready to assist Kim Hyun Soo is Shin Joong Han. Shin Joong Han barely made it through law school, but his involvement in Kim Hyun Soo's case ultimately elevates his ordinary existence to new heights.

10. The Producers

The story takes place in the broadcasting industry's backstage area. The plot centers on the dynamic professional and personal lives of those employed by the television network's entertainment division. Ra Jun Mo, a variety show producer of ten years, is said to have a long list of shows to his credit but no well-known program to his credit. Tak Ye Jin, a 10-year veteran music program producer, was reportedly an innocent and intelligent young rookie at first, but the demanding working environment has altered her demeanor. She now develops into a clever, stubborn woman who speaks her thoughts even in front of her superiors.