Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Made On-Screen Appearances In A Towel

K-dramas are always anticipating, exciting, teach us high standards, and also a reason behind us being hopeless romantics. The astonishing actors not only know how to melt the hearts of many, but they can also end you with their visuals sometimes. And with the scenes revealing their physique, may God bless your soul.

Can Korean men inflict bipolar conditions on us because they are unable to decide whether they want to wreck us or save us? Is there a doctor in the house?! Well, unfortunately, the purpose of this article is not to show their bipolar personalities but to present the top 10 Korean actors who appeared on-screen in nothing but a towel.

*Warning: As stated above, we’ll serve some of our favorite eye candies here, so make sure to keep tissues with you in case of unexpected nosebleeds ;)

1. Ji Chang-Wook 

Here for a great start to steal your attention and bless your eyes: Ji Chang-Wook wearing nothing but a towel on his waist. Though we have seen his perfect body earlier too in his other works, this scene in particular from his 2016’s action-packed drama The K2 of him in a towel, with tattoos and abs shining so brightly that one can’t look away, is one of our very favorites.


2. Kim Woo-Bin

How can one talk about k-actors in a towel and not mention the day when the timeline broke and went wild? The day episode 4 of Uncontrollably fond (2016) aired, and we got to see the stills of Kim Woo-bin in the towel flaunting his rock-hard abs and biceps. It has been so many years, but we still have no idea how to get past that:)


3. Choi Si-Won 

If you’re a K-drama fan but haven’t watched She Was Pretty yet, then you are missing out. This epic scene in episode 12, when Siwon appeared in a towel, was not only just a blessing for second lead biased fans (and also for super junior fans), but it was also very hilarious! Also, not to forget that this was the second time we got to see him in a towel. The first time was in The King of dramas.


4. Park Seo-Joon

Words aren’t enough to describe how perfect he is in terms of acting and visuals, and he got a perfect body too. In the drama Fight for my way, we saw him topless, exposing his perfect physique, but in the same series, we also got to see him wearing nothing but just a towel, though it was just a short scene.


5. Gong Yoo 

Oh, to stumble into a room and see Gong Yoo only half covered in a towel to mark your first meeting! It must be an intense dream! In the first episode of classic rom-com Coffee Prince (2007), Gong Yoo’s first scene was of him walking out of the bathroom in a towel around his waist, showing off his defined chest and itty-bitty waist. In 2012’s drama Big, we again got to see him in a towel but with more toned abs.


6. Nam Joo-Hyuk

Another fine actor and eye candy as well. One can’t escape seeing his abs when browsing his pictures on the internet. We’ve seen his 8-pack abs and amazing body in most of his famous works, but to talk about towel scenes, in particular, we got them in his dramas, Bride of the water god and Robin Hood and the swimming god.


7. Park Hae-Jin

The utterly beautiful man-made his comeback again in 2020 with the drama Forest only to kill fans with his sexy body. In episode 6 of the series, we got to see him flexing his toned abs in the mirror. Truly a feast for the eyes. Park Hae-jin does not look like his age.


8. Kim Soo-Hyun

Who wears a towel in the shower? Kim Soo-Hyun. But that’s okay because he is hot. In this scene from the drama My Love from the star, we got a glimpse of Soo-Hyun wearing a towel while showering, and that little glimpse was enough to make fans go crazy over his detailed body.


9. Lee Dong-Wook

Yes, you heard right. Dong Wook is one of our favorites and also one of the vampires. Though in his recent works, we have seen him shirtless, looking more slim but muscular and younger than ever, in Wookie’s drama Blade Man (2014), we got to see him wrapped in just a towel as well. He, for sure, is aging backward!


10. Nam Koong-Min

As we saw his incredible performance, we also got to see his massive body transformation in his recent drama, The Veil (2021). The actor has been boasting his buffed body ever since his debut through numerous series while gaining popularity among female fans. He appeared in a towel in the drama The girl who sees scents.