Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Involved In Brand Endorsements

Korean actors have frequently been starring in overseas ad campaigns since the Hallyu wave invaded the globe in the 2000s. Korean pop stars have taken advantage of the growth in inclusivity and influence of the Korean wave by taking up those roles as ambassadors, whether for Korea or the global market. South Korean actors are famous not only for the hit dramas that earn them millions per episode, but they have also made fortunes from multiple endorsements and commercial films, which they call CF in Korea.

Below are the top 10 Korean actors involved in brand endorsements.

1. Park Seo Joon

Having become the Korean brand ambassador for the German watch brand Park Seo Joon in 2018, he has worked for the brand ever since. Other luxury brands backed by Park include Montblanc, Dr. Jart+, and Laneige. Park Seo Joon rose to fame after appearing in the television series, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim and the variety show Youn's Kitchen. In addition, he shot over 20 advertisements, which included TV and newspaper placements and online ads. Furthermore, he acquired international advertising contracts, signing guarantees with companies in the Philippines, China, and Vietnam. TMN News reported that Seo Joon earned at least seven billion won for all his commercials in 2018. His talent fee in 2018 was 700 million won.


2. Kim Soo-Hyun

For Kim Soo-Hyun, it is pretty normal to endorse 17 or more products simultaneously, per Pop Culture Asia. Kim has appeared in several Korean commercials, promoting beauty products, household essentials, and banking services. Samsung, Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, and Hyundai are some of the brands he represents in overseas CFS. The commercial talent fee of Soo Hyun has steadily increased since he starred in the 2012 drama Moon Embracing the Sun. The Hallyu actor's guarantee per ad reportedly jumped to 800 million to one billion won just a year later, after shooting to international fame with My Love from the Star. For appearing in over 30 advertisements in 2014 and signing exclusive endorsement contracts with 17 brands, Soo Hyun earned the title of King of Commercials as the actor who signed the most endorsements in one year.


3. Nam Joo Hyuk 

Penshoppe signed Nam Joo as their new model in November 2017, making him one of the brand ambassadors for the clothing brand. Dior Men has chosen him as the face not only of Korea but Asia too in 2019. Given his modeling background, it's no surprise that brands have set their sights on him!


4. Lee Min Ho

In addition to promoting Domino's Pizza and Cell Return LED mask, which often featured in Lee Min Ho's dramas. Lee also endorses the donation platform Promiz. Previously, he promoted Lotte Duty-Free, Etude House, Kia Motors, and many others.


5. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo's career reached new heights in 2017, following the breakthrough success of Goblin. Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation conducted a study where the actor pulled in 6.7 percent of the votes and secured the title of favorite advertisement model for the year. Since then, Gong Yoo has promoted many products, including clothing, alcohol, and even gadgets. Taiwanese media reported that Gong Yoo received 2.2 billion won just for appearing in an advertisement with IT company ASUS.


6. Park Bo Gum

Having become the Nation's Son-in-law and Nation's Boyfriend, Park has become a favorite in the CF field. Park's appeal spans age groups and demographics. Among the brands that have utilized his abilities for commercials are Sony, LG, Nongshim Noodles, Nescafe, Ghana Chocolate, and Lotte World. Bo Gum was dubbed CF King in 2017 and has promoted global brands like Samsung, K-Swiss, and Coca-Cola and Korean brands like messager app KakaoTalk.


7. Ji Chang Wook 

Upon his appointment as the global model for Calvin Klein in 2021, Ji Chang Wook became the first Korean actor to hold such an honor. Reports indicate that they deemed him a good match for their modern and youthful image.


8. Hyun Bin 

In 2013, Hyun Bin was declared CF King and will continue to top the brand value charts for many years to come. Hyun Bin has endorsed Korean coffee brands, hair products, outdoor gear, and many more. He has also starred in ads for Samsung TV, Kia Motors, and Lexus. In addition to Bodyluv showerheads, Thailand's Amado collagen, HL Science supplements, the Philippine's Smart Communication's mobile service, and Mediheal masks, Hyun Bin has released CFs for several brands in 2020.


9. Yoo Ah-In 

In addition to being a brand ambassador for Cartier in Korea, Ah-in also represents Burberry as a brand ambassador. Brands are no wonder to want to partner with him since he has a unique and different style that is both quirky and bright.


10. Jo Jung Suk

Having so far ranked twice on Forbe's Korea Power Celebrity list - from 9th in 2017 to 37th in 2021, Jung Suk has been able to earn more than five billion won per year through his massive advertising deals. His popularity in the commercial market is also reflected by his occasionally being ranked number one in Korea's monthly brand reputation rankings. Among his endorsements are Lotte Buon Gelato Ice Cream, LG U Plus LTE, DD Chicken, Hyundai Santafe BlueLink, Samsung Life Insurance, Nongsim Dungji Ramen, SK telecom T Map, and others.