Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas With Toxic Male Lead

When we talk about Asian dramas, Thai dramas are also among the list of highest-rated dramas. Thai dramas are getting more and more popular day by day. With the growing popularity, they are also trying to make their dramas more diverse so that people from every age can enjoy them. But, sometimes, we encounter some problematic or toxic characters in the drama. Either these characters are glorified and made the center of attraction by the makers and the viewers, or they go through a complete life transition after going through some situations. So, here is the list of the top 10 Thai dramas with toxic male leads.

1. Somewhere Our Love Begins

Somewhere Our Love Begins is a romantic Thai drama released in 2021. The drama’s plot revolves around a man. Panin Nirapai, played by Jes Jespipat Tilapornputt. He meets Arisara Chunhagon by accident when he is attacked by thieves; she comes to save him. Panin was pleased by her generosity and fell for her. Later, when he discovers that she is the girl his younger brother liked when he was in college, he starts to blame her for the near-drowning of his brother. He is now determined to take revenge on Arisara.

2. Wong Wien Hua Jia

Wong Wien Hua Jia, which translates to Rotation of the Hearts, is a romantic Thai drama released in 2021. The drama tells the story of a woman named Bow, who had returned to Thailand after getting to know that her boyfriend cheated on her and was marrying Vithinee. Her older brother is Tos, the male lead of the drama. Tos is very possessive of his younger sister Vithinee, so, on Bow’s return, he does not want her to ruin his sister’s life, so he tricks Bow’s father into letting him marry Bow.

3. My Forever Sunshine

My Forever Sunshine is a romantic Thai drama released in 2020. The story revolves around a girl named Paeng, who is going through a rough phase in life. After the death of her father, as per his last wish, she has to live with a man named Arthit. Arthit did not like Paeng, as her presence nearly cost him his life. After that, Paeng went to live far away from him for almost six years. After six years, despite living apart for six years, Arthit still hated Paeng, but she did not have any other choice but to live with him.

4. From Enemy To The Heart

From Enemy to the Heart is a romantic Thai drama that was released in 2020. The drama’s ploy revolves around a man named Jett, who was hired as a gunman and was told to kill a woman named Sophita. But the problem here was that Jatt was divided in his heart as Shopita was the sister of his ex-girlfriend. He started to become possessive of Shopita to protect her from any harm.

5. Perfect Wife

Perfect Wife is a romantic Thai drama released in 2020. The drama revolves around a woman named Chollada, who belongs to a middle-class family and joins a business, The Plan. This company trains women to make them “perfect wives.” She turned out to be an excellent candidate, and hence, she was introduced to a man named Kasidit. As they meet, Kasidt starts to fall in love with Chollada. But he was not sure if she also liked him. To find out the same, he began to become possessive towards her.

6. Evil Game, Love Game

Evil Game, Love Game is a romantic Thai drama released in 2020. The drama revolves around a man named Plapol, who is half Korean and half Thai, grew up in Korea but decides to move to Thailand. Here, he meets a famous singer, Pantawan. Their relationship started as a bitter one because Pantawan disliked Plapol because of his misogynistic comments and behavior. But their bickering relationship soon transitioned into a romantic one. Plapol is a misogynistic man and is arrogant towards women.

7. Behind The Mask

Behind the Mask is a romantic Thai drama released in 2018. The drama revolves around a girl named Natda, who meets with an accident with Lookkaew. Now, she is forced to undergo surgery to look like her. She was in a coma after the tragedy, and after waking up from the coma, she was unable to remember anything and had no choice other than to believe in what her fake mother said. She has to deal with Lookkaew’s possessive boyfriend, Ratt. The story processes as Ratt feels something wrong as he can see a change in her behavior.

8. Once Upon A Time In My Heart

Once Upon a Time in My Heart is a romantic drama released in 2016. The drama revolves around a girl named Fahsai, who has just broken up with her boyfriend, and to clear her mind, she takes a trip to Japan with her friends. But things took a turn as she was held at gunpoint by a mafia named Daniel Wong. He forced her to take him to her hotel room. After spending a night together, they started to get to know each other.

9. Like Heaven’s Curse

Like Heaven’s Curse is a romantic Thai drama released in 2015, the drama revolves around a girl named Dawan, the only daughter of a wealthy businessman. She is a spoilt brat and always craves the attention of men. Her father left a will which stated that she has to marry Karn to get the inheritance money. Tragically, she is met with an accident and is unable to remember anything. This incident changed her life.

10. Bittersweet Promise Of Revenge

Bittersweet Promise of Revenge is a romantic Thai drama released in 2015. The drama tells the story of Kongpop and Namnueng. Their dads were best friends and even invested in a pub business together. The business made a good profit. But Kongpop’s dad betrays his friend and runs away, taking all the money. After 20 years, Kongpo’s dad felt guilty as he was about to die. He made a will that a large amount of money would be given to Namnueng. Kongpop, after knowing this, resents Namnueng and makes a plan to make her fall in love with him so that she will sign away the money to him.