Article: Top 11 BL Couples We Might Never See Again

The popularity of the BL series is increasing with new couples and new series airing. Still, some couples have taken a significant spot in the audience’s heart. However, we might never see them again as a couple in the series.

1. Mew & Gulf (TharnType 1 & 2)

Mew & Gulf is the IT couple in the BL industry due to the prominent success of their series TharnType. When season 2 ended in 2021, fans started to see less interaction on social media accounts, and it could be because their contract was over with the series. But some issues also happened, and because of that, we might never see them again.

2. Perth & Saint (Love By Chance)

Perth & Saint is another loveable pair of BL, which was seen in Love By Chance. Due to both of their managers, their pair-up got messed up. Perth’s former manager accused Saint of many allegations, and it became a messed up controversy. Since Perth is in GMMTV, the chances are low of doing any series together.

3. Bible & Build (KinnPorsche)

Bible & Build starred in the recent popular BL series KinnPorsche, and because of their on-screen chemistry, they became famous. However, due to Build’s personal issues, he resigned from the company Be On Cloud. They were supposed to star in the ‘4 Minutes’ BL series, but recently, Build announced that he was not ready to play any character. But 4 Minutes is coming with the Bible, and nothing else has been revealed.

4. Johnny & Timmy (Addicted) 

Johnny & Timmy, the BL couple Addicted, has the most heartbreaking story. Everyone knows China is a very reserved country with same-sex rules. This series shows the same sex accepting each other. It leads to a ban on episodes by the government. The actors are also banned from attending any ceremony together.

5. Bright & Win (2gether)

Bright & Win’s 2gether BL drama was a huge success, and many people entered the BL world through it. Their chemistry is breathtaking on-screen and off-screen. The audience wants more of their dramas. However, just some time back, Bright announced that he would not renew his contract with GMMTV and would open his own company. So there is now a slim chance of them having a series together.

6. Ja & First (Don’t Say No & Be Mine Superstar)

Ja & First, the fated couple of the BL industry, has done a lot of series together. Just their recent series, ‘Be Mine Superstar,’ gained them a lot of international fans. However, Ja has not renewed his contract with Tripe Eight Entertainment, which leads to the possibility of them not doing any series together anymore in the future.

7. Ohm & Nanon (Bad Buddy)

Ohm & Nanon is the moment of the BL industry for their offscreen friendship and on-screen chemistry. However, in the past few months, they were in controversy with each other, as seen in their interviews. A lot of people predicted they won’t do any more BL series together as it can seen their friendship is hindered. And just now, the GMMTV released a new pair of Ohm.

8. Max & Tul (Together With Me & Manner Of Death)

Max & Tul are the kings of the BL world. Tul announces that he has graduated and now will focus on a different career path other than acting. Max revealed in a fan meeting that he had been diagnosed with depression and is on medication for the same. Due to situations, there is a slim possibility of them doing any BL. But it doesn't matter because they are best friends in real life.

9. Ji Woon & Seo Bin (Kissable Lips & Roommates Of Poongduck 304)

Ji Woon & Seo Bin are the Korean actors who were leads in two Korean BLs. The reason for them not doing any more series together is that Ji Woon has an official debut as a K-pop idol in the ZB1 group, and due to his busy schedule, it might not be possible.

10. Mike & Toptap (Tonhon Chonlatee & 2gether)  

Mike & Toptap are the most obvious and hurtful ones because they were the legendary secondary couple in BL, and we never got their series. In 2020, the rumors started that they had a personal feud, but both didn’t say anything. The audience doesn't know if they reconcile as in December of 2021, Toptap left GMMTV.

11. Zee & Saint (Why R U)

Zee & Saint is one of my favorite BL couples because of how electric their chemistry was. But nothing major happened between them after their series Why R U The promotion ended, and both focused on different career paths, and Zee also got a new pair. So there is no possibility of seeing them again.