Article: Top 10 Entrepreneurs Who Are Also Korean Celebrities

It is very common for celebrities to venture into different professions to expand their wings of fame and success celebrities don’t limit their work to one path and explore many other options. From opening restaurants, their brands, to entertainment companies, and many more, these Korean celebrities have proved that they are successful businessmen also. Here are ten successful Korean celebrity businessmen:

1. Lee Byung Hun

The veteran actor Lee Byung Hun formed the company BH Entertainment in 2006. The actor’s career began in 1991 but got his breakthrough role in Asphalt Man. Byung-Hun has won many awards and Baeksangs for his fantastic acting skills. He appeared in the film G.I. Joe Retaliation and Squid Games. His company BH Entertainments represents many talented and famous actors like Kim Go Eun, Park Hae Soo, Han Hyo Joo, Park Bo Young, Lee Jin Uk, Choo Ja Hyun, Park Jin Young, and many more.


2. Bae Yoon Jong 

Bae Yong Joon is a former actor and businessman. He made his acting debut in 1994 and retired in 2007, with many hit dramas and movies. Bae established KeyEast, a management company, in 2006. The company manages famous actors like Hwang In-Yeop, Jung Eun Chae, Jo Bo Ah, Kang Han Na, Moon Ga Young, and many more. Bae also has a high-end traditional Korean restaurant and a health-food restaurant.


3. Jay Park 

Jay Park is a globally famous idol and a massive name in the Korean R&B and hip-hop audience. He is an all-rounder with superb dancing, singing, rapping, writing, producing, and composing skills. He established his company AOMG in 2013 and has signed the most prominent hip-hop artists like Gray, Loco, Hoody, Simon Dominic, Code Kunst, and Yugyeom. Park opened H1ghr Music, a record label, in 2017.


4. G-Dragon

The idol of idols, G-Dragon, is not only a famous K-idol, but is also a successful businessman. He debuted with the famous group BIGBANG in 2006 and became a massive star as a rapper, songwriter, and singer. Known as the “King of K-Pop,” G-Dragon and his stylist, Gee Eun, started their fashion line in 2016 and have stores around the globe. His brand, Peaceminusone, has collaborated with many renowned brands like Nike, Vogue, Giuseppe Zanotti, and many more.


5. Jin

Known as worldwide handsome Kim Seok Jin is a singer, songwriter, and member of the group BTS. The singer is known to be a huge foodie and a talented chef. Putting his talent to work, he and his brother, Kim Seok Joong, opened a Japanese restaurant named “Ossu Seiromushi.” It is a traditional Japanese restaurant that serves its food in wooden steamers in the seiro-mushi style, located near Seokchon lake in Seoul. He is the director of it, while his brother runs it.


6. Kim Jae-Joong

Jae Joong is a singer, songwriter, actor, producer, director, and businessman. He started his career in the boy band TVXQ and is one of the wealthiest idols. His net worth of US$ 100 million. The singer is famous in China, Japan, and Korea and owns the brand Kii. Kii is a cosmetic brand, and along with this, he had a mall named Kave Mall. He owns Café J-Holic and Coffee Cojjee, a Japanese restaurant, and Holic J-bar.


7. So Ji Sub 

So Ji Sub is a talented actor and businessman. He started his career as a model. He debuted as an actor in the drama Three Guys and Three Girls. He’s appeared in many films and dramas like Oh My Venus, Doctor Lawyer, Phantom, and most recently in, Alienoid. He started his company, 51K, with the thought of being a one-man company. Famous actors Ok Taecyeon and Cha Hak Yeon are also under this company.


8. Kang Daniel 

Kang Daniel is a household name in South Korea. He is known for his charming looks, great dancing skills, and music. He established his company, Konnect Entertainment, in 2019, after the disbanding of his previous group, Wanna One. Kang is the youngest CEO of the entertainment industry in South Korea. Konnect Entertainment manages talented idols like himself, CL, Yuju, and Chancellor.


9. PSY

The singer of the internationally hit and successful song “Gangnam Style,” Psy became a massive star globally and in South Korea. He is a singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, and businessman. After many hit songs, started his own company P-Nation, in 2019. It is regarded as one of the best companies and has artists like Jessi, Hyuna, Dawn, Heize, and Crush.


10. Jessica Jung

A Former member of Girls Generation, Jessica Jung is a famous South Korean-American singer, songwriter, writer, actress, and successful businesswoman. After leaving the group, she launched her fashion brand Blanc & Éclair in 2014. It produces clothes, accessories, eyewear, and skincare. Jessica is the brand’s creative director, and it has more than sixty stores worldwide.