Article: 10 Dramas With Disappointing Endings

Korean dramas have their ways of engaging audiences. Some of them are left for the audiences to ponder what happened to the characters and for the fans to hope for the next season. They leave fans heartbroken, and they can’t heal from the sadness of the endings for a long time. These dramas will leave you heartbroken but are worth watching.

1. Scarlet Heart: Goryeo

The series is about Hae Soo from modern time traveling to the Goryeo era. She falls in love with a Prince who has girls all over him. But the ending is very emotional as she travels from modern times and has responsibilities.

2. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The series is about a man with childhood trauma because he is unaware of his parent’s identities. He meets Yoo Jin Kang, but she has a wrong impression of him. It’s very late when they realize their feelings for each other.

3. Snowdrop

The series is about Young Ro and Su Ho falling in love with each other during the political unrest. They both are aware that they can’t be together but can’t help themselves from falling in love.

4. Vincenzo

The story is about a lawyer returning from Italy who has his way of solving a case. He meets Hong Cha Young and her father, and they become close. The ending is very open-ended as they share a kiss, but the series ends at that point.

5. Beyond Evil

The series is about a police officer trying to solve a case of multiple murder case that took place twenty years ago. He gets accompanied by another officer who is the prime suspect in the case. The dots connect at the end of the series.

6. What Happened In Bali

The series is about a travel agent trying hard to make a living in Bali. She meets two boys, which leads to the beginning of a love triangle. One of them gets left with heartache in the end.

7. Lovers In Paris

The story is about the wealthy CEO of a motor company who falls in love with a housekeeper. They get caught in a love triangle with the nephew of the CEO.

8. W

The fictional series is about an ordinary person sucked into a webtoon designed by her father. The ending left fans disappointed because the future of the characters was unclear.

9. Little Women

The series is about three sisters fighting against a powerful politician. The fans were disappointed because there was a budding romance between the money launderer and one of the sisters, but it was clouded.

10. Twenty Five Twenty One

The series is about a man wanting to restart his life and a girl trying to figure out her career in fencing. They both have a passionate romance, but things get twisted when they break up.