Article: Legal Chinese Dramas Worth Watching In 2024

If you love watching cinematic delights, there is nothing quite that gets it right like Chinese legal dramas. Don’t we love inclusive storytelling, unparalleled acting, and drama that have a timeless appeal? These Chinese legal dramas are seamlessly a combination of romance, blending thrills and suspense, needles to say good. Here is a list of legal Chinese dramas worth watching in 2024.

1. Heirs

Heirs is a law romance drama released in 2017, starring Hawick Lu, Jiang Xin, and Zhou Yi Wei. Zheng Hao is a popular attorney who specializes in inheritance law. Tang Ning is an heiress who has just returned from the U.S., to find out that her family members have forced her to give up her shares in the family business. She goes to work as his assistant and soon realizes he is the exact person who can help her gain her proper place.

2. Truth

Truth is a thriller mystery drama released in 2021, starring Chen Xing Xu and Cass Gai. Lin Yuan Hao and Lin Lan are procuratorial technicians from the Criminal Procuratorate of the Haijiang City People, who were appointed to form a team. They use techniques to break the bottleneck of zero confession cases that are pretty difficult to solve.

3. The Best Partner

It is a law drama released in 2019, directed by Chen Tong, starring Jin Dong, Lan Ying Ying, Sun Chun, Dai Xu, and Zhu Zhu. Luo Bing is a senior partner at the Panorama Law Firm who only cares about winning. Dai Xi goes to his firm to argue with him about her best friend's lawsuit and becomes his assistant. They don't get along at first, but soon start to understand each other. They grow close and become reliable partners.

4. If Paris Downcast

It is a business law drama released in 2018, starring Zhang Han, Adi Kan, and Lin Yu Shen. Ruan Man is a lawyer who after being carried away by her emotions abetting and aiding a white-collar crime. She helped her boyfriend escape bankruptcy but got in trouble due to it. She gets disbarred, her license is revoked, and she serves time in prison. After this, she finds that he married someone else. She meets Tong Zhou, who has an emotional scar from his past.

5. Lady Of Law

Xu Jie gets recruited to Mingtang Law Firm to take on the bribery case that involves Chen Wen Guan. Chen Ran, his daughter, is secretly investigating the case. They clash views but come to an understanding to work together. She is invited by Li Gongming, who is a partner at Mingtan, to join as an intern. Chen Ran works in the same department.

6. The Justice

It is a historical romance drama released in 2021, starring Zhang Xin Cheng and Elvira Cai. In Shanghai, during the 1930s, Cheng Yi Zhi always struggled to find his place in the hustle. He makes a living by working in the commercial and industrial shops in the city. After encountering Wu Ru Fu, an established banker, and Li Zi, his daughter, he finds a dream and wants to pursue it. He entered the world of finance. He catches the eyes of one of the most prominent players in the banking industry, Boss Huang. He gains his trust, becoming his closest confidante.

7. Court Battle

It is a law crime drama released in 2020, starring Sophia Lu, Yu He Wei, Karlina Zhang, and Han Dong. It tells the story of Fu Xiao Rou, an assistant professor, Gao Jian, a prosecutor, and others who strive to restore the truth using the justice system. Gao Jian is a prosecutor of the Jiangdong Procuratorate. Fu Xiao's addition to the team brings new vitality to the office. A showdown between the evils and the righteousness begins.

8. Kai Feng Qi Tan

It is a historical law drama released in 2017, directed by Sun Kai Kai, starring Li Chuan, Fu Long Fei, Ian Yi, Lukas Huang, and Chu Jun Chen. Bao Zheng never wanted to be Kai Feng’s magistrate, but here he was. He is a young, inexperienced and unreliable government official, who is trying to punish the evil-doer and clear the innocent. Case by case, he along with his subordinates gets better at their jobs, becoming more passionate about what they do.

9. Black Lighthouse

It is a mystery law drama released in 2020, starring Janice Wu, Eric Le Yang, Zheng Ya Wen, and Dai Xu. Qiao Nuo is a fresh graduate, who gets an opportunity to become an intern at the city court. Due to her lack of knowledge, her ability gets questioned by the judge. She witnesses the intense confrontations between defense lawyers and prosecutors with her own eyes, developing an appreciation for her profession. She wants to be a good judge. Under Zuo Dong Hai, her chief judge’s guidance, she is unafraid to put in the hard work to find valuable clues.

10. Draw The Line

Draw the Line is a law drama released in 2022, starring Jin Dong, Cheng Yi, and Elvira Cai. Song Yu Fei is the chief deputy judge of the Criminal Division of the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, and Fang Yuan is the chief judge of the Xingcheng District People’s Court, who are the apprentices of the Vice President of the Xiangcheng District, Zhang Wei Min. They all dedicate their passion and youth to China’s judicial career. Zhou Yi An, Fang’s legal assistant and apprentice, has become a post-judge. They have adhered to the bottom line of morality, justice, and humanity.