Article: Top 10 Upcoming Chinese Mystery Drama You Need To Watch In 2022

Solving the answer to a puzzle is everybody's favorite part, and the mystery drama gives you the same vibe. Here is a list of the top 10 upcoming Mystery Chinese dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. South Wind Knows My Mood

When Botanist Fu Yun Shen returned to china from the relief camp, he found out about the scam of his half-brother Fu Xi Zhou. The car accident of Fu Yun Shen results in the discontinuation of drug development and also in the misunderstanding with Zhu Jiu. The pain and despair of Fun Yun Shen and Zhu Jiu came to an end after half a year. They become a couple again and are ready to get married.  Zhu Jiu accidentally comes to know about the truth about her parents’ death. The bitterness of their parents’ generation again results in a turning point in their relationship. This time is different; Fu Yu Shen decided to protect their relationship and fix the ups and downs of their relationship.


2. The Silence Of The Monster

The story is about He Chu Feng and Luo Bin, the two strange operators of an antique store named Monster Vintage. He Chu Feng is a mysterious and extraordinary key-smith, and Luo Bin is an expert assessor of antiques.  The entry of two women named Sui Yi (a lawyer), and Fang Qi (an auctioneer) climaxes to the story. This started the breathtaking journey of a mysterious cold locksmith He Chu Feng with lawyer Sui Yi and expert assessor Luo Bin with an auctioneer Fang Qi. Did their romance succeed in bringing fresh wind through the antique emporium, and How they fall head over heels in love between the antique store?


3. Love Is Full Of Jiudaowan

This story is about four young people, one man and three women who will love him, who grew up together in Beijing and will go through the twists and turns of life.

In the winter of 1979, after graduation, Yang Shu Mao returned home in hopes of climbing the social ladder and becoming a business to catch up with his first love, Shi Xiao Na, a wealthy heiress. He works with his childhood friend Zhao Ya Jing, who secretly loves him. However, Shi Xiao Na always got in the way. But when Shi Xiao Na's father, who believes that Yan Shu Mao is too humble to be his son-in-law, sanctions him, Yang Shu Mao realizes the social difference between him and Shi Xiao Na and turns away from her.

Yang Shu Mao realized that Ye Fei, his other childhood friend, would be the perfect companion for him. But her mother thinks differently, as she is much closer to Zhao Ya Jing and wants her as her daughter-in-law.


4. Being A Hero

The drama revolves around the two best friends, Wu Zhen Feng and Chen Yu. The drama tells that how Five years ago, Wu Zhen Feng was wrongly framed by a drug trafficking organization named “K” for killing his father, Wu Gang. Due to this, he got expelled from the police force. Wu Zhen Feng tried to flee but his best friend Chen Yu chased him, but both got stuck in the altercation. To save his best friend Chen Yu, Wu Zhen Feng kidnapped by the drug gang.  Now Chen Yu became, a policemen of narcotics team, and Wu Zhen Feng, who now known by the name of “Addict Lord,” became a murder suspect. Chen Yu did not believe the suspect identity of his friend and tried to find out the absolute truth about Wu Zhen Feng. Chen Yu started his investigation and the game of hide-and-seek started.


5. The Corridor Pavilion

The story is based on the Japanese novel “The Murder in Kairotei” showing that the house of Tong Xiu Zhi’s caught fire while asleep, and this resulted in the death of her boyfriend. She could not bear the news of her boyfriend’s death and committed suicide. The family of Tong Xiu Zhi meets at the art gallery to decide the division of her inheritance. The entry of a girl at the art gallery leaves everybody puzzled. The art gallery started witnessing a lot of murder.


6. Legend Of Anle

The story is about Di Zi Yuan and Han Ye, whose families have a history of hate. Ten years ago, Di Zi Yuan lost her entire family member due to the false allegation of treason. She remains the sole survivor, and this made her change the name to Ran An Le and decide to go to the palace. The helping and empathetic nature of Prince Han Ye adorned him and also became the reason for Ran An LE to admire him. The true love of Han Ye for Di Zi Yuan made him to settle the differences between their families.


7. Strange Legend Of Tang Dynasty

The story tells about the mysteries that happened during the blooming days of the Tang Dynasty. Changan city started witnessing lots of unusual incidents. The brides in Changan city started missing. To solve the mysteries of Changan, Ling Feng general of the Jin Wu guards, and his strongest opponent Su Wuming the disciple of Di Renjie collaborated. These two started to work together and solve all the mysteries of Changan.


8. The Shadow

During the ROC era, Shen Zhi Heng, a famous vampire who lived hundreds of years, was almost killed by masked soldiers and rescued by the blind girl Mi Lan and her friend Situ Wei Lian. , he went to pay Mi Lan and found that Mi Lan's family situation was not too good, so he took care of Mi Lan more. After the failure of the assassination attempt, the cunning Li Ying Liang, the director of the military operations division, who hates Shen Zhi Heng, vows to reveal Shen Zhi Heng's secrets and kill him after his family happens.


9. The Golden Hairpin

Huang Zixia, charged with killing his own family. She was a talented investigator who helped her father solve complicated crimes when she was thirteen. This time she was determined to find her killer. Family and prove your innocence. She met prince Li Shubai, and he helped her in the journey of digging out the truth. The female friend of Li Shubais disappeared, and now Huang Zixia, with the assist of Li Shubais female friend, simplest a tune is, the golden hairpin attempts to look at and find out that during this, nation everybody has a secret.


10. Chun Qiu Pan

In this drama, official bank theft and college murder made Su Jiyi disguise themself as a man to solve these cases. To get admission to Imperial College, Su Jiyi arrived in Beijing, and there she encountered that students of imperial college getting killed one after another. The life of Su Jiyi was full of solving the mysteries of murders and finding out the real murderer. The journey of solving these mysteries crosses the path of Su Jiyi with lots of adventurous challenges and truth. Su Jiyi comes to know the real identities of the governor Ye Zhou and the imperial ambassador Meng Huaiyu. The finishing of the drama suggests that Su Jiyi is determined to position the sector first and determined to in no way get married in life.