Article: Top Ten Japanese Stars Arrested By The Police

The glam life is full of accidents and surprises. It has people who are focused on their work and are disciplined. And so, it has people who intentionally or unintentionally get involved in the wrong things. As a result, they either get summoned or arrested by the police. Such incidents drastically affect their social image, but wrongdoings and habits are like an addiction. It's hard to get rid of them. The film industry has a deep-dark side, and it is hard for some people not to fall into it.

1. Yusuke Iseya 

Yusuke Iseya is a Japan-based actor, director, singer, and businessman. He has appeared in films like 13 Assassins, Dead End Run, and Distance. On September 8th, 2020, he was arrested by the Tokyo Police for the illegal possession of drugs called cannabis.


2. Erika Sawajiri 

Erika Sawajiri is a former Japan-based singer, actress, and model. On 8th April 1986, she was born in Nerima City, Tokyo, Japan. On November 16th, 2019, she got arrested on the grounds of drug charges. And later in 2020, she revealed that she had already planned to quit her career.


3. Kakuei Tanaka 

Kakuei Tanaka was a Japanese politician. He served as the Prime Minister of Japan from the period of 1972 to 1974. But, his term was only three years as he got pressure from the party to resign the seat because of his involvement in shady real estate dealings and bribery. In 1976, he got arrested for taking $1.8 million worth of bribes.


4. Paul McCartney 

Paul McCartney is a musician, performer, and songwriter. On 18th June 1942, he was born in Liverpool, England. Although he is an English singer, his arrest got carried out in Japan. And because of his insane popularity back then,  his arrest became a heated controversy in Japan. He was found to be carrying nearly half a pound of cannabis. The quantity was large enough to arrest him with the smuggling charges. He even spent nine days in the Narcotics Centre in Tokyo.


5. Noriko Sakai 

Noriko Sakai is a Japan-based singer and actress. On 14th February 1971, she was born in Fukuoka, Japan. In August 2009, she got arrested for illegal hold and abuse of drugs.


6. Junnosuke Taguchi 

Junnosuke Taguchi is a Japan-based singer, songwriter, actor, and model. On 29th November 1985, he was born in Kanagawa, Japan. He and his girlfriend got arrested on the grounds of illegal possession of 2.2 grams of cannabis.


7. Masanori Taki 

Masanori Taki is professionally called Pierre Taki. He is a Japan-based actor and singer. On 8th April 1967, he was born in Shizuoka, Japan. He got arrested for illegal possession and consumption of cocaine.


8. Makihara Noriyuki

Makihara Noriyuki, professionally known as Mackey by his fans, is a Japan-based pop singer and songwriter. On 18th May 1969, he was born in Osaka, Japan. On 13th February 2020, he got arrested for illegal ownership of 0.083 grams of stimulant. Later he was sentenced to two years in prison.


9. Shigeaki Miyazaki

Shigeaki Miyazaki, professionally known as Aska, is a Japan-based singer and songwriter. On 24th February 1958, he was born in Tokyo, Japan. In May 2014, he got arrested for the illegal possession of the stimulant MDMA. Later, he was sentenced to three years in prison.


10. Mamoru Samuragochi 

Mamoru Samuragochi is a Japan-based composer. He tried to fake his disability and stated that he was completely deaf. On 21 September 1963, he was born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. He got summoned on charges of fraud. He admitted that he exaggerated his disability, and also it was later disclosed that he didn't write most of his songs. Takashi Niigaki wrote his songs.