Article: 10 Thai Movies From 1990

Here are some famous Thai movies of the 1990s which you will enjoy for sure. They gained recognition through their fantastic performance and concept. Every movie has a different genre.

1. Song For Chao Phya

Chatrichalerm Yukol directed the Thai drama Song for Chao Phraya in 1990. The film was chosen as Thailand's entry for the 62nd Academy Awards' Best Foreign Language Film category; however, it was not approved as a nominee. Sang, Prang, and Tubtim, three boat persons on the Chao Phraya, load sand from Chainart, a region near Bangkok, then float it downstream to discharge at a sand pier in Bangkok for a higher price. Prang, fed up with life on the boat, decides to leave her family and travel to Bangkok to pursue her ambition of being a movie star. Sang (Prang's spouse)  finds Prang in the large city right away.


2. The Dumb Die Fast, The Smart Die Slow

Manop Udomdej directed the Thai film noir The Dumb Die Fast, The Smart Die Slow in 1991. The films showcaseTuang, who murders the owner and flees while Salak gets apprehended while breaking into a residence. Salak eludes capture on his route to court. Boonpreng gives Salak a ride and later a job at his petrol station in a tiny village. All is good until Salak's background is discovered by Boonpreng's wife, who blackmails him into breaking into her husband's safe and stealing his money. Tuang's automobile breaks down at a petrol station, where he meets Salak and becomes embroiled in an already complex scenario.


3. Salween (Gunman II)

Sorapong Chatree and Chatchai Plengpanich featured in Salween, a 1994 Thai action-drama film directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol and starring Sorapong Chatree and Chatchai Plengpanich. The film is about the Burmese-Thai border, a lawless region where people live and die by the law of the gun. A new police lieutenant enters the scene, determined to rehabilitate the gruff and boisterous local police force beside the Salween River. However, the Karen tribe's persistent conflict with the Burmese government has spilled over into Thailand, making the lieutenant's job harder.


4. Blackbirds At Bangpleng

Blackbirds at Bangpleng is a Thai science fiction horror film released in 1994. Though it is based on a novel by Kukrit Pramoj, a well-known Thai writer and politician, the plot strongly resembles John Wyndham's 1957 novel The Midwich Cuckoos, which was made into the 1960 film Village of the Damned. The film shows a community in rural Thailand is celebrating Loy Krathong when the arrival of a spacecraft disrupts the celebrations. The UFO fires ray beams, and all of the women in the community get pregnant at the same time. The ladies give birth only a few hours later. The extraterrestrial spawn has the ability to kill just by gazing and a voracious taste for raw meat.


5. Once Upon A Time...This Morning

Bhandit Rittakol directed Once Upon a Time... This Morning. Santisuk Promsiri, Chintara Sukapatana, Ronnarong Buranat, and Martang Jantranee are among the cast members. The film is about a group of children who once ventured away from their homes and discovered a castle. The children are all changed into animals after she finds them playing on the grounds, despite the fact that they have no idea the castle is owned by an evil witch. When a prince happens to come by, he observes what's going on and uses his magical sword to liberate the children from the evil witches' spell.


6. Romantic Blue

Thai romance drama criminal thriller Romantic Blue was released in 1995. Somchai Kemglad, Thailand's king of pop in the 1990s, and Suttida Kasemsan star. It was formerly Thailand's highest-grossing film and a multiple-award winner. The movie is about a newbie mechanic Mai and his younger, more educated brother, Men, are both smitten by the same lady, Pom. Men felt love at first sight when he spotted Pom at school, and Mai met Pom while working on Pom's father's automobile. Their father, however, is ill and needs surgery. The hospital surgery, however, is too costly for the brothers to finance, and even if Mai restores 100 automobiles, it would not be enough. Mai is subsequently compelled to seek assistance from his criminal uncle Bo, who pairs Mai with a deranged auto thief. During the theft, however, the criminal reveals himself to be truly crazy and murders one of the security guards. The vehicle thief's manner irritates Mai, so she violates the deal with him. The thief now goes on a personal search for Mai and his brother.


7. Dang Bireley's And Young Gangsters

Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters is a 1997 crime drama film set in 1950s Thailand about young Thai gangsters. It was director Nonzee Nimibutr's first film, and director and screenwriter Wisit Sasanatieng's first script. It featured heroic violence in the vein of John Woo. The film shows Nonzee, who portrays the life of a prominent mobster from the late 1950s. Dang Bireley's (nicknamed for his favorite soda) was obsessed with Elvis Presley and James Dean, and he lived fast and died soon. He first killed a guy when he was 13 years old, and by the age of 18, he was well-known in Phra Nakorn as a Chinese protection racketeer. Everything seemed to be working in his favor until one of Thailand's many coups d'etat imposed martial law and drove the city's criminals up-country. When forced to work alongside their arch-enemy Pu, known as Bottle-Bomb, Dang and his devoted sidekick Piak had no issue taking down the local hicks, but they bristled when forced to work alongside their arch-enemy Pu, known as Bottle-Bomb.


8. Daughter 2

Chatrichalerm Yukol directed the Thai drama film Daughter 2 in 1996. The film was chosen as Thailand's entry for the 70th Academy Awards' Best Foreign Language Film category; however it was not approved as a nominee. The film tells tales of Rose, a half-Thai, half-Western child who lives with Rabin, her Thai father, and her foreign mother, who are music professors, in a wealthy household. She once forbade people with HIV from donating blood. She was befuddled and unable to find a way out, so she considered suicide. She fled the residence after their friends and relatives got suspicious and turned away. But her luck hasn't run out; she has lived with a senior who is also afflicted with AIDS.


9. Fun Bar Karaoke

Pen-Ek Ratanaruang directed the criminal comedy Fun Bar Karaoke in 1997. Pen-Ek was credited as "Tom Pannet'' in the picture, which had its international debut at the 1997 Berlin Film Festival. It was shown in the Forum portion of the festival. The story of Pu, a young woman who has been having some nasty dreams. Meanwhile, her father has fallen in love with Yok, a karaoke bar hostess who is also a mobster's lover. After dispatching a hitman named Noi to assassinate the father, Pu falls in love with Noi.


10. Nang Nak

Thai supernatural horror film, Nang Nak of 1999 was directed by Nonzee Nimibutr. The film is based on the Thai mythology of Mae Nak Phra. After serving in the military, a soldier comes home to a loving family, where his wife and kid eagerly anticipate his arrival. But, as his close friends and well-wishers attempt to express to him, there is something problematic about his wife.