Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Love Street Food

You might have grown to admire them through K-drama series and movies that have quickly become your favorites. But, aside from their remarkable acting, toned bodies, and captivating looks, these Korean actors are also boyfriend goals because of their love of food! Whether they enjoy cooking delicious meals from scratch or making a journey out of a street food run, these hotties will have you wishing you could be with them on a casual romantic date to bond over food. Check out the top 10 list food lovers, including Nam Joo Hyuk, who enjoys fried chicken, Park Bo Gum, who can make tofu rice balls, Lee Min Ho, who has mysterious grilling techniques for meat and Park Seo Joon, who enjoys making. Yum!

1. Lee Min Ho 

Lee Min-ho loves adobo. Previously, the hunky actor shared that he loves food, whether it is street food or fine dining. The fans of the actor took to Twitter to admire the actor's love for native Filipino dishes. In addition to having a sweet tooth, the actor said mint-chocolate chip ice cream when asked about his favorite dessert.


2. Park Seo Joon

Seo Joon enjoys fried rice and kimchi. Native to Korea, kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish prepared with salt. In Korea, you can find kimchi in every corner of the country and make it yourself at home. Seo Joon detests mint-chocolate chip ice cream, unlike Lee Min Ho.


3. Lee Jong Suk 

Doenjang Jjigae is his favorite food (Soybean paste soup). He also enjoys pat bingsu (Korean shaved ice). Try these the next time you attempt Korean food! Korean food trucks are known for serving this type of soup.


4. Nam Joo Hyuk 

Hunky model turned actor prefers to be out and about and look for the best chicken in town, as most people would. He is not a fan of fancy restaurants or fine dining but instead likes to find the best chicken that he can find. Joo Hyuk loves to try out new foods wherever he is, but his love for chicken wings from the food trucks is unmatched. 


5. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook loves to go on expenditures to find the best foods but finds comfort in authentic Chinese cuisine. Korea is known to have one of the best Chinese Street foods after China, so there is no doubt that the actor loves to enjoy Street food.


6. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum doesn't seem to have any particular favorite street food like other actors, but he seems to like all types of Indonesian cuisine. The actor seems to have a special love for food trucks that provide the cuisine in its authentic form.


7. Park Hae Jin

In April, a fan presented Park with a bouquet at Beijing Airport. He burst out laughing when he realized it was coriander, which he had revealed to be his favorite. Furthermore, the 33-year-old recently stated at a fan meeting in Beijing on Saturday that he enjoys hot pot and lamb skewers. Pot and lamb skewers are famous Street meals and may be seen all over the Korean streets.


8. Seo Kang Joon

Kang Joon is a big foodie!! Kang Joon appeared on the food tour and declared that he loves any and every kind of food. He believes food, especially street food is his weakness.


9. Choi Si Won

Siwon loves native Chinese foods. As a Chinese person, Siwon loves showing off his roots, even when it comes to his exceptionally favorite food. In Korea, native Chinese cuisine is very famous, and like some other actors, Siwon is also a fan of street food.


10. Lee Seung Gi

Rice is vital to him. As any blue-blooded Korean would be, Seung-gi admires this Asian staple.