Article: 10 Korean Movies That Will Leave You In Tears

Do you like watching Korean dramas and movies that contain heavy and intense sadness, loneliness, tragedy, and guilt? There are times when we all want to be emotional and want to watch the saddest movies. We lock ourselves in our rooms, listen to sentimental songs, and watch sad movies. Despite the mini-heart attack and sorrow, they might feel that many people enjoy watching sad movies. So here is a list of movies that will surely bring out your tears.

1. Miracle In Cell No. 7

Director: Lee Hwan-Kyung

Release date: January 24, 2013

Starring cast:  Park Shin-Hye, Kal So-Won, Ryoo Seung-Ryong

Miracle in Cell No.7 is the story of the love and sacrifice of a mentally impaired father who is wrongly charged with a crime and sent to jail in Cell No.7, the worst room in prison. Even though the father-daughter scenes are heartwarming, it will break your heart to see the innocent character sentenced to death while her daughter cries helplessly.


2. A Moment To Remember

Director: John H. Lee

Release date: November 5, 2004

Starring cast: Son Ye Jin, Jung Woo Sung

The story at first seems like a typical romantic drama, filled with struggles and hardships of any couple from different backgrounds. But the beauty of the plot hits after one protagonist has Alzheimer's disease, and the emotional distress is incredible. It shows the presence of love against the hardships and difficulties you cannot control.


3. A Werewolf Boy

Director: Jo Sung-Hee

Release date: October 31, 2012

Starring cast: Yoo-Yeon-Seok, Song Joong-Ki, Park Bo-Young

The actors did superbly in this movie, heart-touching and emotional with an unfortunate ending. The protagonist finds a boy who is a werewolf in her yard, acting like a wild beast but is adorable. At first, you will feel curious about the werewolf boy, but how can society accept a dangerous beast among them, so they force him away. The sad part is the ending and their separation without a goodbye.


4. Salut D’Amour

Director: Kang- Je-Gyu

Release date: April 9, 2015

Starring cast: Cho Jin-Woong, Youn Yuh-Jung, Park Geun-Hyung

A must-watch Korean movie that will make you cry, so prepare a tissue box. At first, it appears like a sweet love story between two elders before the plot begins. This movie is perfect if a combo of romance, drama, and plot-twists interests you. Salut D'Amour goes for feelings of loyalty and depth of love through time and memory.


5. Train To Busan

Director: Yeon Sang-Ho

Release date: July 20, 2016

Starring cast: Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-Seok, Jung Yu-Mi

Train to Busan is a scary, intense, zombie apocalypse horror movie that broke many hearts. The plot, CGI, and incredible humanity in this movie give a beautiful message where the main lead goes in pursuit of his death. This movie managed to make me yell my head off.


6. Hello Ghost

Director: Kim Young-Tak

Release date: December 23, 2010

Starring cast: Cha Tae-Hyun, Gang Ye-Won

An incredible movie that fills your heart with happiness and enthusiasm and makes you cry because of the twists at the end. The protagonist tries to kill himself but fails every time. At the hospital, he starts seeing spirits, but no one believes him. Those ghosts follow him around and can take over his body at will.


7. Hope

Director: Lee Joon-Ik

Release date: October 2, 2013

Starring cast: Sol Kyung-Gu, Lee Re, Uhm Ji-Won

This movie is a masterpiece that shows the significance of having support from family and friends during times of difficulties. This story is about an 8-year-old girl who was abducted and raped by a man on her way to school. The whole movie is devoted to the aftermath of the crime the victim and family face. 


8. Be With You

Director: Lee Jang-Hoon

Release date: March 14, 2018

Starring cast: Kim Ji-Hwan, So Ji-Sub, Son Ye-Jin

This movie is a remake of a Japanese film based on a novel by Takuji Ichikawa. It captures a loving tale that captures the potential and sweet falling in love moment. The plot in the film discusses while all the good things come to an end, the beautiful moments create a memory of love.


9. You Are My Sunshine

Director: Park Jin-Pyo 

Release date: September 23, 2005

Starring cast: Jeon Do-Yeon, Hwang Jung-min, Ryu Seung-soo, Na Moon-hee

A simple farmer falls in love with a beautiful local delivery girl-slash-sex worker. Just as things get better and they start living as a couple, Eun-ha's (the protagonist) past comes to haunt her. This movie is a straight-up melodrama with dramatic plot twists. 


10. Good Doctor


Release date:

Starring cast:  Joo Won, Moon Chae-Won, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Min-seo

It is a popular 20-episode drama that will make you cry. 'Good Doctor' has already been chosen for remakes in 10 countries. It tells the story of a boy with autism who dreams of becoming a pediatric surgeon. He faces difficulties you can't help but sympathize with the protagonist.