Article: Top 10 Influencers From Thailand

We all know that this era is all about the internet, or maybe most of its part is about social media, in these times social media is taking a vast turn. It has become a field, which many young people want to pursue as a career. Also, many of the young people are making a mark using the same, and it's a global thing now. Here are some Of the most popular Thai influencers, who are doing great on social media.

1. Yam Yumi

The first on our list is a stunning "Yam Yumi", who has been one of the trending influencers on Instagram. She is a full-time traveler based in Dubai, she is also an ex-cabin crew. Doesn't matter where she travels she is always seen in a different, she never repeats any of her looks. By her influence, she seems to be a body-positive person, who believes all bodies are beautiful. Recently she launched her activewear brand named " YAMMI FIT" with a collection for all body types.


2. Sai Nanatawan

Moving on, the second social media throb is "Sai Nanatawan" who is one of the most influential first-generation beauty influencers. Along with a great and strong personality, she pulls of her great looks without make-up, therefore people tend to fall for her natural no-makeup looks. Also, if you are a cat lover, you'll admire them as she is a cat lover too, so you can expect occasional glimpses of cat adores on her pages.


3. Amy Kitiya

Amy Kitiya would be a well-known face for makeup fanatics, she is one of the most admired "cosmetic gurus" on social media. She keeps herself as well as her followers up to date about any new products that are launched in the market. So if you are a cosmetic addict, her page is the place for you, she often makes content on comparing various makeup products and also on drugstore products on her YouTube channels.


4. Nui Keira

So, are you looking towards improving your Instagram feed? You don't need to do much, you just need to visit Nui Keira's pages, where she shares a lot of tips and ways to improve your engagement on Instagram posts and stories. Apart from these she often shares the importance of self-care through her posts and stories, by sharing her self-care routines and fitness routines. She also shares her beauty secrets.


5. Nutt Nisamanee

Another well-talented influencer on our list is Nutt Nisamanee, she is a famous face of YouTube, she is popular for her creative content videos on youtube. Her admirers often look out for her makeup transformation videos and look. Only recently, her Statue of Liberty gained a lot of attention from the people. She is someone who often challenges how makeup has been perceived, and she is someone who changes her perception of makeup.


6. Tina Suppanad

Tinasuppanad is a well-known and successful musician, she has fans globally, people from all genres listen to her and admire her for her work. She not only has a majority of female audience but also she has a great amount of male audience who admire her music. Though being a musician, she is also an influencer which is considered a smart but yet safe move.

7. Praya Lundberg

And how come could "Praya Lundberg" not make up to this list. She is a well-deserved face for this series though. She is considered a talented, popular yet very down-to-earth star. Her fans often consider her as one of the few "real" stars. She is always ready to help the ones in need. Apart from these she also has breathtaking looks, I bet you can't look at her without falling for her though.

8. Fah Sarika

So, moving ahead we have a well-known Gen-Z generation superstar right now. She is someone whom you can find under all kinds of hashtags starting from beauty to lifestyle to fitness to sustainability to what not. Aside from Instagram, she is a known face to almost everyone in Thailand, thanks to her YouTube. So here you go, another star added to the list of upcoming superstar influencers.

9. Pupesosweet

Well, for the ones who consider skincare is a thing that exists only for girls, Pupesosweet is here to break your bubble. He is a well-known internet personality who talks about skincare on various platforms online, he makes content on detailed reviews on various skincare products.


10. Cherman

So, ending our list with a bang with another well-known face, Cherman is a fashion influencer, who owns a clothing brand and kills any outfit or style. And inclusive she has an audience who follows her styles very faithfully, thus making her an obvious choice for many popular brands as an influencer.