Article: Top 10 Chinese Romance Television Series In 2022

Chinese drama fans find time to travel, fantasy heroes, and common people change in their lives in the television series. The episodes can be inspired by bestselling novels, displaying different genres like historical shows, crime, drama, fantasy, and military too. They can be mandarin remakes of web series and no part of life's left untouched. You can binge-watch gaming series, thrillers, suspense, and mystery. Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction about martial artists and their fights. Xianxia is another genre of Chinese fantasy that is about Chinese Mythology, Buddhism, and Chinese culture. This emotional drama can be about ancient royal people or betrayal in modern love life.

1. The Autumn Ballad

This is a story in which a witty young girl and a duke fight for wits and boldness to give each other company. The girl earns happiness with her efforts and wisdom. There is strong suspense and sweet chemistry too. They struggle hard to survive together but they warm up to each other. The girl is strong and she controls her destiny. She thinks that the duke is cold-hearted but later she sees through his walls and finds a kind human being.


2. Love Under The Stars

The daughter of a makeup group was murdered by her boyfriend as he pushes her off a building. He also cheated with her best friend and took over the company. So she took her revenge by teaming up with a computer and mathematics genius after she is reborn. She becomes the vice president of her father's company after she graduates. She returns in time because of a meteor. She tries to gather evidence against his boyfriend and save her father's company.


3. Ms. Cupid In Love

This is a love story full of fantasy about a ten thousand-year-old immortal that has the mortals and their affairs under his control. He messes with mortal marriages and has to accept the consequences. He is removed from his post in heaven and he experiences the mortal world where he meets the brilliant and witty successful business owner. Both are bent on saving the marriages from chaos but realize that they have feelings for each other.


4. Sassy Beauty

A Beauty Blogger entered the VR system of a Chinese beauty game in the ancient era.  She has the role of a low-class maid who dresses that way.  She has superb skills as a makeup artist and she becomes a huge online influencer with a wide female audience. She doesn't want to compromise for any man in her love life but she meets a variety of men.  In the game, she continues running her business and falls in love.


5. Assistant Of Superstar

Wang Yu Xi may be handsome but he has mystery beneath his superstar aura. He never received a good education but now the company needs to find him a tutor. Even though he hides his flaws, he fails in an interview.  A young woman agrees to tutor the superstar who always wanted to become a teacher but she has a crowd phobia. This makes teaching him difficult.


6. I Want To Be Brothers With You

It is filmed in Qingdao and it is about the bromance between a rebellious teenager and a tyrant in a healing pact. The teenager is the bad boy in school who tests everyone’s patience and he is not getting along with his father but he’s a kind person deep inside. The academic tyrant is sensible and a good cook. They become brothers with different surnames under the same roof.


7. The Oath Of Love

This is a Chinese Romance Medical Television Drama in which a girl aspires to play cello for the rest of her life. She wants to make more fixed decisions and she is about to graduate from university. She starts nursing her father who is a cancer patient in the hospital, leaving everything else behind. She leaves a job opportunity online and breaks up with her boyfriend. She gets closer to her father's surgeon who is kind but cold-hearted. She learns what she wants in life with his exposure.


8. About Is Love Season 2

The long-distance couple of an art graduate and the president of Yunma group lack trust issues and they break up. But two years later they enter into each other’s lives again. They try to break through each other’s walls and solve misunderstandings as he tries to woo the person who has changed completely.


9. As We Wish

A high-ranked saleswoman is well known to survive through tough conditions.  Her husband is just an ordinary IT worker despite having years of experience. Once she loses her promotion so she is moved to another department. He supports his wife endlessly and the family life is changed. They also alter their thinking accordingly, realizing the potential of their marriage and living through troubles.


10. My Sweet Heart

It's a fantasy, comedy, and romance web series about a fortuneteller and the owner of Madara who met in a contract. The fortune-teller is good at communicating with cats. Shen Zhou told many lies and fantasy love stories but Wu Yan discovered all the secrets and climbed into Shen Zhou’s heart.