Article: Top 10 Japanese Zombie Movies

Japanese horror movies are the best horror movies in the world. In that zombie movies have their unique take. Along with horror, these movies have intense action, thrills, and sometimes comedy. Here are the top ten Japanese zombie movies to watch.

1. Versus

Versus is a classic zombie action film. In this movie, one prisoner escapes and encounters a group of gangsters in the Forest of Recursion. They unintentionally open a portal, which unleashes evil spirits which help dead ones to turn into zombies. The movie also features intense survival battles and unexpected twists.

2. Miss Zombie

One day a rich family in Japan, Teramoto ordered a zombie girl as a housemaid. The zombie girl named Sara was received in the parcel along with caution not to feed her meat and also with a handgun in the case zombie gets aggressive. Though she was turned into a zombie she still remembered her past life and wanted to take revenge on those who abused her in the past. Further, as the movie continues characters kill each other and, in the end, Miss Zombie shot herself and ends her life. The movie shows the emotional journey of Sara and zombie-human relations.

3. I Am A Hero

The movie revolves around a manga artist, Hideo Suzuki who was stuck in life with unfulfilled dreams with his low-paying job. But his life turns when a virus named ZQN spreads in the city turning civilians into a zombie. He was armed with a gun while running for survival with other survivors. At last, only three survivors remain and try to reach the top of Mount Fuji in order to survive.

4. Zedd

Zedd is the story of six young criminals living in a zombie-infested world. They pass the time in the zombie world by dancing and playing around. But things get complicated when one of them becomes infected and they have to find a way to cure it.

5. Schoolgirl Apocalypse

Sakura, a student from a small town, is the main character in Schoolgirl Apocalypse. One day, men in her village who had been transformed into zombies began attacking women. She set out for survival with only a kyudo bow. On the way, she meets Billy, one of her book's characters, and Aoi, a lady who initiated violence instead of supporting them. The film became popular both in Japan and worldwide.

6. Zombie Self-Defence Force

In this film, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces were on usual training when they observed a UFO crash that emitted radiation that turned residents into zombies. The soldiers and survivors take shelter in a hotel, where they opt to fight rather than surrender. The film also featured a number of martial arts fights, as one would expect from an Asian film.

7. Helldriver

The zombie apocalypse divides Japan into two parts: the northern part of Japan turns civilians into zombies who inhale mist spread over the area, and the southern part, behind fortified walls, is untouched by mysterious gas. The Government recruit a girl named Kira, with a chainsaw katana and artificial heart, to Defeat the zombie queen who was nonother than her mom.

8. One Cut Of The Dead

One Cut of the Dead refers to the story of a low-budget zombie film shot in an abandoned location. When real zombies attack the crew, things take a turn at the worst. Although its low budget, the film has amazing creativity and highlights the genuine challenges that filmmakers face.

9. Tokyo Zombie

Tokyo Zombie is a comedy film about two men, Fujio and Mitsuo, who work at a fire extinguisher plant. They murdered their boss one day, and like everyone else in the city, they took the body to Black Fuji. The bodies become flesh-eating zombies when they are buried with hazardous waste. Mitsuo and Fujio both use their jujitsu talents against the zombie attacks.

10. Wild Zero

The film Wild Zero is about aliens that arrive on Earth with an army of zombies and are threatening to wipe out the planet. Guitar Wolf, the famous Japanese garage rock band, are the only one who can save the day. The film is filled with action, comedy, and rock 'n' roll music.