Article: Top 10 K-Drama Villains We All Have A Soft Spot For

When it comes to presenting us with unforgettable villains that captivate us with their appearance and deeds, Korean dramas consistently deliver. Even though we don't glorify illegal activities, most villains we discuss may not be villains. However, these are some characters that captivated us and sent us on an emotional rollercoaster. Here is a list of the top ten villains we all have a soft place in our hearts.

1. Kang Soojin

Come on, Kang Soojin of True Beauty is at first who gets unwarranted hate. True, she has done some unforgivable deeds. Yet she knew to stand up for her friends. She was cool and smart despite the harsh conditions and, therefore a role model for all of us. She will eternally remain as the character we all loved, hated, and loved again.

2. Choi Mujin

Alright, I do know that Choi Mujin is a gangster. A very bad one indeed. But Kdramas are notorious for making the antagonists insanely hot, so no wonder in My Name you will easily fall into his charms. We even saw how properly he cared for Jiwoo in her darkest hours. This carved a soft spot for him in the audience’s hearts.

3. Baek Hee Sung

Flower of Evil is a grey drama. It has so many complex moral dilemmas intertwined that it will leave you all confused. Another puzzling aspect of this drama is Baek Hee Sung. Yes, he is a villain. But given his traumatic childhood and character development, you can’t help but sympathize with him.

4. Lee Eun Hyuk

Remember 2020, when the major debate was all about the handsome brother Lee Eun Hyuk? For some, he was a heartless and selfish guy. But if you go on to analyze his character and circumstances well enough, you can easily see how most of the characters survived in Sweet Home only due to Eun Hyuk’s leadership.

5. Kim Joo Young

Another drama that had made waves was the critically acclaimed SKY Castle. Kim Joo Young was someone you wouldn’t love to have nearby. Her manipulative techniques, however, in a very strange way, are mesmerizing. Given Yoo Jung’s very difficult circumstances, you can’t help but pity her hardcore Asian parenting skills.

6. Choi Young Do

In The Heirs, Choi Young Do wasn’t exactly a villain. He was a normal high school student, however, his arrogance and behavior towards the female lead made him unlikeable to some. As the drama progressed, we saw his amazing character development, which resulted in a major second-lead syndrome for everyone.

7. Lee Rang

Everyone was moved to tears by Lee Rang's sacrifice, who was one of the most beloved characters in The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox. He was one of the sweetest villains ever because of his light hearted demeanor and his yearning for love from his sibling. He exhibited for us what it meant to be human and what a loving family looks like.

8. Seo Moon Jo

Despite being one of the most bizarre dramas I have watched recently, Yoon Jong-Woo's ending left everyone shaking, but it was still not enough to make us detest him. We were able to experience something through him that we could encounter regularly. The show's portrayal may be warped, but the feelings were genuine, and the relatability persisted right up until the beginning.

9. Jeon Jae Joon

If you became a Kdrama fan in the 2020s and you don’t know about Glory, it is a pity. Jaejoon is brought to life by actor Park Sunghoon's subtle performance, which authentically conveys his pride, vulnerability, and regret. His interpretation of the character heightens its appeal and relatability. It was partly because of his sincere concern for Yeonjin that none of us truly detested him.

10. Sung Mo

From the vulnerable feelings of abandonment to the internal conflict of loyalties, Sung-Mo saw it all. We saw it all too. So, when this character didn’t get its deserved ending, there was a huge uproar against He Is Psychometric. Sung Mo’s relatability makes us pine for him.