Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Aged Like Fine Wine

Since actors are always in the limelight, people expect them to be perfect and attractive. We already know how fine the leading actors of Chinese dramas and movies look even when they reach a certain age. So here are 10 Chinese actors who aged like fine wine.

1. Donnie Yen (59 Years)

Born: 27 July 1963

Donnie Yen Chi-tan is a Hong Kong Chinese American actor, film director, producer, action director, and fight choreographer. He is Hong Kong’s one of the top action stars and is known widely for introducing mixed martial arts (MMA) in mainstream Asian cinema into the early 2000s. Although his age, he is still very active and gorgeous.


2. Hawick Lau ( 47 Years)

Born: 13 October 1974

Hawick Lau is a Hong Kong actor cum singer named as one of the “Five Fresh Tigers of TVB.” He later expanded his career in mainland China by acting in several famous series. He was initially married to a Chinese actor and singer Yang Mi but later divorced. Despite, this he did not fail to maintain his good looks.


3. Wu Jing (48 Years)

Born: 3 April 1974

Chinese actor Wu Jing, also known as Jacky Wu, is also a director cum martial artist well known for his roles in martial arts films, including Fatal Contract, Tai Chi Boxer, and the most recently, The Battle at Lake Changjin. Even though his age, he remains fit and looks gorgeous.


4. Kevin Yan ( 43 Years)

Born: 24 January 1979

Kevin Yan is a Chinese singer and actor. His real name is Yan Yi Kuan. He began with his acting career in 1999 and continues till present. Kevin has shown no signs of aging and still looks as fine as he looked when he had first debuted.


5. Nicholas Tse (42 Years)

Born: 29 August 1980

Nicholas Tse whose full name is Nicholas Tse Ting-fung is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and chef. He is a multi-talented artist and became a TV chef and food critic back in 2014. Despite his age, Nicholas shows no signs of aging and continues to look youthful.


6. Chen Kun (46 Years)

Born: 4 February 1976

Chen Kun is a Chinese actor and singer. He rose to fame through the television dramas Love Story in Shanghai (2000) and The Story of a Noble Family (2003). Despite his age, he seems to be aging fine.


7. Bosco Wong (41 Years)

Born: 13 December 1980

Bosco Wang is a Hong Kong actor, singer, and entrepreneur. He gained popularity from the modern drama Triumph in the skies.  He has played multiple roles in many television series. This Chinese actor shows no signs of aging despite his age.


8. Andy Zhang ( 41 Years)

Born: 1 April 1981

Andy Zhang is a Chinese actor and singer, born in Harbin. Heilongjiang, China. He is good in both Mandarin and English. Besides his profession, he has interests in swimming and playing basketball, he is married to the Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung. This actor seems to age well.


9. Wallace Huo ( 42 Years)

Born: 26 December 1979

Wallace Huo, whose real name is Wallace Huo Chien-hwa, is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and producer. Some of his famous movies and television dramas are At Dolphin Bay, Chinese Paladin 3, Swordsman and Journey of Flower. This heartthrob seems to age as fine as wine.


10. Vic Chou

Born: 9 June 1981

Vic Chou is a Taiwanese singer and actor. He is also a member of the boy band F4. Some of his famous dramas, and films are Meteor Garden, Meteor Garden II, Mars and The Flame’s Daughter. Although his age, this actor still looks young and fit.