Article: 10 Most Expensive Gifts Given By Korean Celebs

When it comes to friendship or love for the fans, Korean celebs leave no stone unturned and are always there to show support be it monetary or otherwise. Mostly we all know that a way of showing support to friends and co-stars is by sending them food trucks in Korea and mostly these are one of the most expensive gifts and a way to show support, but here are some of the most expensive gifts by celebrities to their fans and friends that made the headlines and made us believe that there is no price tag to friendship-

1. Park Shin Hye To Krystal 

The two became really close friends on the set of the k-drama The Heirs and have been going strong ever since. During the shoot of The Bride of the Water God, to show support to Krystal, Park Shin Hye had sent a coffee truck. The banner of the truck asked that they humbly look after her pretty Soo Jung from Shin Hye.


2. Taehyung’s Gift To Jimin 

BTS members Taehyung aka V and Jimin are pretty close and the entire ARMY knows how much V loves Gucci, but his fondness for Jimin is even greater and that was proved when he gifted Jimin a very expensive sweater from Gucci, which shows how much he loves dressing his family like members in the same brand as well.


3. EXO’s D.O And Sehun 

We have seen that the brotherhood in boybands is on the next level. The members of the boyband EXO showed each other love when D.O sent a churro truck for his debut on “Catman” and sent out a lovely message for all the cast and crew of “Catman.” Sehun did the same for him by sending him a food truck for his movie “Room No.7.”


4. Sooyoung’s love For Jung Kyung Ho 

Everybody knows about the love story of K-pop idol turned actress Sooyoung who was a part of the girl group Girl’s Generation and the very famous actor who was recently seen in the Hospital Playlist season 2. Sooyoung showed full support to her longtime boyfriend on the sets of Prison Playbook. They have dated for over four years.


5. JHope Gets A Gift From V

Taehyung’s love for Gucci and his teammates was seen again when J Hope was spotted wearing Gucci shoes which were a birthday gift from V. Showing that it wasn’t just Jimin who got Gucci from Taehyung, but now we know why the biggest boy band of our time is this famous, it's because there all pure love.


6. Taeyeon Gifts Tiffany 

Tiffany and Taeyeon from the Girl’s Generation are really close in real life, so close that Taeyeon gifted Tiffany with really expensive jewellery. On her birthday she gifted her a really expensive designer locket which she later posted on her social media. Their bond is definitely something else completely.


7. The Special Surprise From Jungkook To Jimin 

Although there are only rumours about this and some pictures which aren’t solid proof for the same, apparently Jimin and Jungkook went to Tokyo on Jimin’s birthday which was a present from the Golden Maknae to his group member Hyung, there were some pictures that made the netizens think the same.


8. Epic Gift From Chanyeol 

EXO the famous boy band had an era known as the Ko Ko Bop era which wasn’t that far away from now, but one of the most epic things to happen back then was when Chanyeol decided to buy laptops for all the members of the group and the part to be focused on so that they can play games with him.


9. Suzy’s Presents For The Fans 

Suzy who was a former member of the girl band of Miss A had surprised her fans after the disbandment when she was trying to build a solo career. She wanted to show admiration and love for her fans, Suzy more famously known as Nation’s first love gave them gifts like slogans, light stick, instant coffee and lipsticks.


10. Jennie’s Love And Gifts For Her Fans 

During the “Kill this Love” era, Jennie who is never afraid of showing her love towards her fan, sent fans the recorded session of the Music Core music show, including extra stuff and goodies like photocards, foundation, lipstick from Hera. She did the same when she promoted her solo release, “Solo.”