Article: Top 10 Female K-Pop Idols’ Styles That Went Viral

Ever since K-pop became an international phenomenon, Korean beauty and fashion has been on the rise. Many K-pop stars have been going viral for their styles and creating trends in the world of clothes, makeup, hair, among others. Here we have a list of the top 10 times when female K-pop idols went viral for their styles.

1. Jennie – Hair Pins, Dyed Front Pieces

An icon in the world of K-fashion, Jennie from Blackpink has been praised for her fashion sense for a long time. Some of her viral style moments include her hairstyle during her single "Solo" promotions where she donned a middle part with straight clips on both sides. The clips started being sold at Korean markets as "The Jennie Clips". Moreover, she also made headlines with her viral dark hair with blond front pieces during "How You Like That" promotions.


2. Dahyun - High Bun

Dahyun, from Twice once went viral for tying her hair into a high bun during a performance. She is seen gracefully tying back her hair while not missing a beat in her dancing. Since then, she has been seen wearing the same hairstyle quite often, which suits her face shape quite well.


3. Yeji – High Ponytail, Magenta Hair

Yeji from Itzy has been a style icon ever since their debut in 2018. Yeji has been going viral for hair styles and colors for a long time including the time she dyed her front lock magenta against the black straight hair. Or the time when she wore high ponytails for numerous performances, highlighting her small face.


4. Ryujin – Dyed Bangs

Anew take on Disney character Cruella's blonde and black hair, Ryujin from Itzy dyed her front bangs blonde while the rest of her hair was black during "Loco" promotions. She rocked the e-girl, punk style to perfection.


5. Lisa – Half And Half Hair Color

Thai born K-pop idol, Lisa, from Blackpink has also been a style icon since the group's worldwide success. She surprised fans by cutting her long locks short into a 2 colored bob for "How You Like That" promotions. Half her hair was black, while half of it, underneath, was blonde to make a peekaboo style.


6. Hwasa – Bodysuit

Hwasa from Mamamoo is known for her womanly body proportions which shows off with immense confidence. Back in 2018, Hwasa wore a red latex bodysuit during an award performance and while the conservative people in Korea considered it inappropriate, Hwasa shut the haters up with grace while continuing to wear similar outfits few other times.


7. Moonbyul – Cargo Pants

Moonbyul from Mamamoo is known for her edgy tomboy styles. During the group's song "Hip" promotions, her red cargo pants went viral for its comfy yet stylish look. She has been seen wearing cargo pants or jogger pants quite often in her public outings.


8. Krystal – Tennis Skirt

In 2014, Krystal Jung from f(x) wore a series of tennis skirts in different colors for the promotion of their latest album. Although the other members of the group also donned the same style, the skirt started being called "The Krystal Skirt" since she was the most popular member at the time.


9. Hyuna – Cowboy Boots, Short Bangs

Ever since debuting as a soloist, Hyuna has been experimenting with her style often. She once donned short choppy bangs for a long time, which are quite hard to pull off. She also made calf length cowboy boots trendy again by pairing them with delicate dresses.


10. Jisoo – Bow Hair Clips

Known for her classy yet delicate beauty, Jisoo from Blackpink once made the dual bow hairstyle viral. With a front partition and bows on either side of her long dark hair, Jisoo showed that hair accessories can make any hairstyle look stunning.