Article: Top 10 Family Korean Dramas

Korean Dramas have many different genres, which makes people addicted to Korean Dramas. People love binge-watching Korean dramas continuously, one after another. There are many Korean Dramas about families. Family Korean dramas are very wholesome and given so much Love worldwide. Family Korean dramas include many genres in one Drama like: - Comedy, Romance, Mystery, etc. Here are the Top 10 Family Korean Dramas

1. Revolutionary Sisters

Revolutionary Sisters is about a family which is drifting apart. Kim Eun Hee is the middle child of her family; her older sister was an attorney, and her younger brother is very sensitive. Their Father is rigorous and distant. The Drama revolves around the Lee sisters, who are suspects of murder of their mother during the divorce proceedings of their parents. The story tells the suspenseful but humorous story of the aftermath of the murder. The show premiered in March 2021.

2. My Father Is Strange

Father is Strange is a very fascinating drama. There is a middle-class family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul, which consists of a Father, a mother, and their three daughters and a son. One day a young celebrity comes and claims that he belongs to their family. The Drama makes you wonder what secrets their parents are harboring. The Drama also portrays parents can do  anything to make their children’s life better. Father is Strange released in 2017.

3. What Happens To My Family

Cha Soon Bong is a widower who has devoted his life to his three children. He wants his children to be happy at any cost. The Eldest daughter Kang Shim has resigned never to marry anyone after a failed relationship. The Eldest son is Kang Jae, a brilliant oncologist who resents his origins, and his youngest son Dal Bong. Their Father wants the Family to be loving, and happy, but the children are the opposite. This Family K-drama released in 2014.

4. My Unfamiliar Family

My Unfamiliar Family is about a family who feels very unfamiliar. The family members share the same blood, but it is unavoidable that they think most unfamiliar with them. From the outside the Kim family looks like an average family, but on the inside, everyone has secrets they keep. Kim Eun Hee is the middle child of the family. She works at a publishing company. She is the one who becomes an intermediary whenever conflicts arise between the Families. Due to some unexpected situation, the whole family comes together to care for each other and open up about their secrets. My Unfamiliar Family released in 2020.

5. Father, I’ll Take Care Of You

Father, I’ll Take Care of You is one of the comfort family dramas. The Drama is about a family whose children become successful and independent. Their old parents start living for themselves. But one day, the four children come back to them. The show depicts the confrontation between generations and siblings caused by grown-up children cohabiting with their parents. Father, I’ll Take Care of You is the story of a family that overcomes troubles through Love and affection. Father, I’ll Take Care of You released in 2016.

6. Glorious Day

This Drama is about Han Song Jan, a novelist, and a single mother.  She raised her three daughters by herself. Han Song Jan is determined to marry them off to decent men. But in the end, Song Jan also gets married. The man next door is the eldest grandson of the Family; he earns a steady income and is a good man.  Seo Jae Woo falls in Love with the middle daughter. Glorious Day is a very wholesome family Drama released in 2014.

7. All About My Mom

All About My Mom is a story about a mother and her daughter. Jin Ae has a love-hate relationship with her mother. Jin Ae falls in Love with a man and marries him. After marriage, Jin Ae experienced a difficult time with her mother-in-law. This is when she starts understanding her mother. All About My Mom is a very heartwarming drama. The drama has its emotional side. All About My Mother released in 2016.

8. Shining Inheritance

Shining Inheritance is considered one of the classic dramas when it comes to family dramas. The Drama is like a Cinderella story that goes deeper into what it means to repair and reunite families. The Drama is full of twists and turns. The Drama shows how strong the bond of a family can be. It shows Eun Song’s Love for her younger brother Eun Woo. The Largest driving force of the drama is Family. Shining Inheritance aired in 2009.

9. Reply Series

Whole Reply Series has one thing in common Family. The series shows there is nothing these two parents can handle. Song Dong II and Lee II Hwa played the role of parents. The Reply series is very wholesome. In each part, there is an equal balance of romance, comedy, and family problems. The series shows the relationship between the siblings, from sharing food to getting scolded alongside.

10. Once Again

Once Again is a drama about a couple Song Yong Dal and Jang Ok Boon, who have been married for many years. They have four children a son and three Daughters. Their Third child Na Hee is a doctor and works with her husband at the same hospital. There are problems in their marriage. Meanwhile, their first and second children both are divorcees and lives with them. The youngest child Da Hee struggles as an intern at a company. Once Again is a Family Drama that shows the struggles of the parents and their children.