Article: Top Ten Feudal Japan Anime

Feudal Japan anime captures a rich tapestry of samurai, shoguns, honor codes, and timeless traditions. In this article, we will see ten anime set in the Feudal Japan era.

1. Rurouni Kenshin

This anime is set in the Bakumatsu era in Japan. There is an assassin named Hitokiri Battousai. He is well known for his merciless killings. However, he disappeared during the Japanese Revolution. But after ten years, he reappeared as Kenshin Himura, a repentant swordsman who vowed never to kill again. As enemies from his past and present emerge, Kenshin must strive to uphold his new ideals while facing challenges.

2. Samurai Kings

In the Sengoku period, Japan is filled with violence as warlords fight for power and unification. Nobunaga Oda, the strongest ruler, wants to create a powerful central government and crush anyone opposing him. Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada, two rebels, try to stop Oda. But clashes due to their differences. Despite their rivalry, they both admire each other's skills. As Oda approaches them, they unite to fight against him.

3. House Of Five Leaves

The anime House of Five Leaves is set in the Edo period of Japan, where Masa Akitsum, a skilled but meek samurai, is seen as unreliable and often gets dismissed by his employers. Due to this, he was feeling lost. Then he meets Yaichi, a carefree man, who hires him as a bodyguard. He accepted the job, but he turned out to be involved in illegal activities. Despite his doubts, curiosity drives Masa to uncover the secrets and motivations of this mysterious group of outlaws.

4. Hakuouki

Hakuouki is set in the year 1864 in Japan. Chizuru Yukimura is a young woman who disguises herself as a man in search of her missing father. She witnessed a group being attacked by a mysterious man and saved by the Shinsengumi, a powerful group. When she revealed her father's name to them, they decided to help her and protect her. However, she gets caught up in conflicts between Shinsengumi and their enemies.

5. Samurai Gun

During the industrial revolution in feudal Japan, the ruling Shogun was abusing his power and causing fear among the people. With their power, they rape, murder, and use violence to maintain their power. A group of samurai came together to stand up against them with the help of new technology and new weapons. They fight to bring justice and protect people against violence.

6. Yasuke

In the feudal era of Japan, an African man becomes a warrior from a servant. He serves Lord Oda Nobunaga, but after his death, he works as a boatman in a remote village. There he meets a singer with his daughter, who has magical powers. He agrees to take them to a special doctor, and the singer's daughter is sick. Now he must protect the girl during their journey.

7. Time Of Shura

The anime portrays the story of power and family. The story follows three generations of Mutsu. They inherit the name Mutsu, which grants them the invincible martial art style called Mutsu Enmei-Ryu. Unarmed combat uses incredible speed and strength to defeat almost anyone.

8. Shigurui: Death Frenzy

The drama is set in 1629, during Tokugawa Tadanaga's rule. Lord Tokugawa holds a fighting competition in which wooden katanas are used instead of the original katanas. As time goes on, rules change, and now real katanas are used in the tournament. There is a match between a one-arm swordsman and a blind swordsman. The winner of the fight will become the successor to Iwamoto’s school.

9. Peacemaker Kurogane

Tetsunosuke Ichimura witnessed his parents killed by an assassin right in front of his eyes. He wants to take revenge, but he lacks skills. So he aims to train under Shinsengumi to become stronger. But he doesn't realize that he is going to see bloodshed and pain.

10. Inuyasha

In the feudal period of Japan, Kagome Higurashi was dragged into a curse by a powerful demon. She teams up with the half-demon Inuyasha, who wants her power.