Article: Top 10 Reasons Why Signal Is A Must-Watch Korean Drama

The Netflix series Signal aired in 2016. The drama is the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, thrill, crime, and action scenes. It showcases several stories based on real-life incidents. The drama revolves around the life of two detectives who converse with each other through a phenomenal walkie-talkie. With the help of a walkie-talkie, they solve a series of cold and old cases. The drama features talented and versatile actors such as Kim Hye Soo, Lee Je Hoon, and Choi Jin Woong. The drama consists of total of 16 episodes. The drama even won the Best Drama Award at the Baeksang Arts Award. Here are the top 10 reasons why Signal is a Must-Watch Korean Drama.

1. Excellent Cast

The drama featured three times Bakesang Winning actresses Kim Hye Soo, talented actor Lee Je Hoon and veteran actor Choi Jin Woong. The three of them carried out their roles exceptionally and excellently. The dialogues, action scenes, and everything were delivered on point. The fans were elated watching the trio solving cold cases and fighting for Justice.

2. Intriguing And Untold Stories

The drama Signal involves a series of cold cases where victims didn’t get Justice and cases remained unsolved for years. The intriguing and suspenseful nature of the cases compelled the two detectives Lee Je Hoo and Choi Jin Woong to solve them separately in their own time. Some of the stories were also based on real-life incidents.

3. Strong Female Lead

People who watch Korean Dramas are freaks for watching strong female leads in dramas. Kim Hye Soo played the role of an ambitious detective Cha Soo Hyun in the drama. She was the only woman who was assigned to the police department. She echoed her voice and challenged the male-dominating system in the 80s.

4. No Cheesy Scenes

The signal is a thrilling Korean Drama. It strictly involves a series of suspenseful and scary scenes. Even the relationship between Park Hae Soo and Choi Jin Woon is strictly professional and both of their characters chase the criminals. The drama is a treat to the viewers who loves to watch K-dramas without ant cringe and cheesy scenes.

5. Excellent Cinematography

Korean Dramas are known for their outstanding and excellent aesthetics which bring comfort and peace to the viewers’ eyes. The drama features storytelling in an outstanding eerie and dark atmosphere. Whenever the suspenseful scene appears on the screen, it radiates an eerier air and keeps the audience on edge.

6. Justice

The drama conveys a strong message to the public that if the detectives and police fulfill their duties responsibly, then the victims can get Justice. Kim Hye Soo’s strong personality makes us believe that there are still some undaunted and fearless detectives left in our system who just want to help the victim.

7. Criminal Psychology

The drama helps society understand why people commit certain crimes. Though there are no justifications for the crimes they commit, things can be changed if one wants to study why people turn out to be a monster. Crimes can be stooped if the serial killers can be identified and people can be treated at the right time.

8. Storytelling

It’s not easy to tell several different stories by moving back and forth between the present and future. The drama excelled in explaining everything to the audience clearly and with sincerity. The drama delivers the facts about the true stories clearly and consciously. It made sure the drama don’t hurt the sentiments of victims and their families.

9. Lee Je Hoon

Fans would love to see Lee Je Hoon in the action thriller genre and that’s why he was perfect for his role in Signal drama. He played the role of Park Hae Young who also lost one of his classmates to a killer. When he used to go to elementary school, he saw his classmate getting abducted by her killer. The drama unravels how he becomes a cop to solve the case.

10. Kim Eun Hee

Kim Eun Hee is a talented and famous screenwriter in South Korea. She has written many famous dramas such as Kingdom, Phantom, Sign, and Jirisan. She has also written Signal and proved her exceptional writing skills. The fans are still anticipating the announcement of Signal Season 2. The ending of Signal has left the audience speechless.