Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Funded In Start-ups

One would think that the wealthiest stars would be the most philanthropic people. While that may not hold true for some, the Korean entertainment industry would beg to differ.

Since the Korean wave (Hallyu), many celebrities have risen to a new financial status. Apart from their wealth, Korean celebrities are also known for being generous by donating money to charities, helping friends and family, and involving themselves in numerous start-ups. Here are ten stars who have funded new businesses and start-ups, including their own. Number 9 might surprise you!

1. Park Se-Ri

The legendary golfer who has a place in the World Golf Hall of Fame also has a striking presence in the business world. She has now become a mentor for budding entrepreneurs wishing to start their start-ups.  Having participated in many such events, she has helped many start-ups build their way.


2. Lee Jae-Hoon

The popular Korean model and actor has starred in films like Night Flight, The Beauty Inside, and Set Me Free and shows like Save Me, The Lover, etc. He has funded Market Kurly, an e-commerce site, and participated in many finance events as an ‘Angel Investor.’


3. Park Shin-Hye

This famous actress has starred in shows like Heirs, Pinocchio, Stairway to Heaven, and others. She’s involved in a business called Little Tin Drums which is a restaurant managed by her parents. She makes sure to help out as a good daughter!


4. Park Chan-Ho

This former baseball player is one of the most-known names in South Korea and has earned a reputation in the start-up scene. From the game of baseball to the game of business, he has made quite a stride. He has involved himself in many start-ups, both as a mentor and investor.


5. Yoo Yeon-Seok

Known for his roles in Hospital Playlist, Reply 1994, and Mr. Sunshine, Yoo Yeon Seok has made quite a name for himself. He opened his own Itaewon based business named Lua Lounge, which is a popular wine bar. He funded this business and opened another one in Jeju Island which is a ramen restaurant.


6. Bae Yong-Joon

This Hallyu star is majorly known for his drama named Winter Sonata. An established actor, he is now a flourishing businessman. He has made many investments in numerous gaming platforms, blockchain, and other start-ups. He also owns an entertainment agency.


7. Yoo Ah-In

The jack of all trades has starred in shows like Hellbound, Chicago Typewriter, and movies like #Alive, Burning, etc. He is also passionate about creative direction and has participated in multiple projects. To add to a list of such talents, he is also the co-founder of an art and fashion -centric complex called Studio Concrete. He also owns a restaurant and pub called T.M.I (Too Much Information) and actively funds these businesses.


8. Lee Seung-Hyun Or Seungri

Before he was accused of criminal charges (bribery, drugs, etc.) in the Burning Sun scandal, Seungri was quite accomplished in the business scene. The lead vocalist of the K-pop group Big Bang had participated in numerous events for start-ups and was a former partner of a company that focused on VR content.


9. Jeon Jung-Kook Or Jungkook

The golden maknae of the famous K-pop group BTS has always made a splash in the music scene, but he was also previously involved in the business scene. The 24-year-old main vocalist was formerly the internal director of his brother’s clothing company Six6uys. He was actively involved in the company’s finances and continues to spend his money wisely despite having resigned earlier this year.


10. Choi Si-Won

The legendary K-pop idol, who is a member of Super Junior, has a knack for suitable investments. He has invested and funded a vehicle e-commerce platform called Getcha. He is known for being meticulous with his assets and is cautious about money. He has also carefully funded other start-ups.