Article: Top Ten Korean Celebrities And Their Bodyguards

Bodyguards had to constantly stay close to the idols to ensure their safety, especially in crowded areas and in front of large crowds. The following interactions between bodyguards and the icons for whom they risk their lives to protect them will warm your heart!

1. IU

Mr. Park, IU's bodyguard, has been with her for more than six years, and it's clear that they have a close bond.


2. BTS 

BTS is famous for being highly close to all of its employees. V appears to be particularly attached to his bodyguards and managers and is frequently spotted holding hands in airports and other locations.


3. Minzy

Former 2NE1 member Minzy's bodyguard, Kim Tae Soo, has his own social media following because of his adorable interactions with the singer.


4. Kang Daniel

Although all Wanna One members appreciate their bodyguards equally, Kang Daniel's bodyguard appears particularly attached to him.



Choi Jae has been with BIGBANG for a long time, and he always supports and protects them.


6. Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi's bodyguards have been with her since I.O.I. They appear to have a mutually respectful and friendly relationship — she was observed generously offering them sweets at a fan meet.


7. Taeyeon 

Girls Generation's Taeyeon has a handsome bodyguard named Han Ji Min. It's no wonder that he steals hearts when he's out guarding her.


8. Twice

Many fans have a girl crush on Twice's female bodyguards. She looks after the females and makes them feel safe, which fans appreciate. She's stunning, and she spends so much time with the girls that admirers joke that she's the 'tenth member of Twice.


9. CL

It's rare for bodyguards to work for several organizations, yet that is what this blind guard is doing! Besides CL, he's been working for FTISLAND for years.



Bodyguard Kim has been spotted protecting CNBLUE and FTISLAND for years. He has a widespread fan base.