Article: Top Ten K-Dramas To Watch For Animal Lovers

For anyone who appreciates and loves animals, these K-dramas are for you. All the dramas mentioned in the list feature a furry friend who is sure to steal the scene and your hearts.

1. Once Upon A Small Town

This drama revolves around the life of a vet in Seoul named Han Ji-Yul. He is a well-known vet in the city of Seoul; however, one day, after receiving a severe phone call from his grandfather, Han decides to go to his grandfather’s place in the village. When he reaches the village, Han learns that his grandfather is touring in Europe and has left his animal clinic in the capable hands of Han. Han also runs into a police officer named Ahn Ja-Young. She is a helpful and kind officer, and Han and Ahn eventually fall in love with each other.

2. A Good Day To Be A Dog

This series is very entertaining; it follows the life of Han Hae-Na, a young teacher. Her life is an ordinary one, except for the curse that has been passed in her family for generations. Due to the curse, Han turns into a dog at midnight when she kisses someone. She remains as a dog for six hours before changing back, and this curse continues until she kisses that same person in her dog form. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she kisses a fellow teacher named Jin Seo-Won, who is deeply afraid of dogs.

3. Behind Your Touch

This drama revolves around the life of Bong Ye-Bun, a vet living in the peaceful and quiet village of Mujin. She has a remarkable ability to see into the past of any creature when she touches their backside. While living a peaceful life in the village and experimenting with her powers, she runs into a detective named Moon Jang-Yeol. They team up together to solve crimes in the village.

4. Because This Is My First Life 

This series revolves around the lives of two fascinating people in their thirties, Nam See-Hee and Yoon Ji-Ho. Nam is a single man who has no desire to marry someone. He owns a beautiful home; however, he struggles to pay off the mortgage of his home. We also follow Yoon, a woman who desires to own a home. She has lost interest in dating and only aspires to have enough money to purchase a house. Eventually, Yoon moves in with Nam and helps him pay off his mortgage. We must shine a special spotlight on Woori, the pet cat who appears in almost every other episode and can steal the spotlight effortlessly.

5. Bad Prosecutor 

This drama revolves around the life of Jin Jung, a prosecutor. He however is not like your ordinary prosecutor; he uses extraordinary methods to win in cases. He has a deep sense of justice and is always on the side of the weak. He believes in the motto of a tooth for a tooth. In this drama, we must shine a light on Coco, an absolute darling who can grab the spotlight no matter which episode he is in.

6. Noble, My Love 

This series follows the lives of Kang Hoon and Yoon Seo. Kang Hoon is an arrogant and self-centered CEO of a major corporation in Seoul. One day, he is kidnapped and badly injured by his captors. Kang is barely able to escape with his life. He, however, blacks out in front of a vet clinic in a small town. A vet at the clinic named Yoon Seo helps Kang by treating his wounds. Despite Yoon’s refusal, Kang buys a building for Yoon so that she can start her clinic.

7. Woof And Meow – Do You Love Me?

This drama revolves around the life of Ha Joon, a man who is terrified of having a long-term romantic relationship. He does not want to waste his twenties and thus decides to visit a dating consultation with his college friends. There, he comes across Do-Hee, a woman who looks strikingly like his first love.

8. Chicago Typewriter 

This series is centered around the lives of three individuals who were mysteriously linked to each other. Han Se-Joo is an author who is facing severe writer’s block and is unable to finish writing his new book. However, he comes across a special typewriter that transports him back to the 1930s. We also follow Yoo Jin-O, a mysterious ghostwriter, and Jeon Seol, a vet who is also an avid reader. She, however, intensely dislikes Se-Joo and becomes his anti-fan.

9. Durian’s Affair 

This series revolves around the lives of two women from the Joseon period who fall in love with men belonging to the present time. Somehow, they can travel through time and come to the modern world. We must acknowledge Oiji, the house pet in the series.

10. Uncontrollably Fond 

This drama follows the lives of Shin Joon-Young and No Eul. They were incredibly close as children but were separated. The two meet again as adults. Shin Joon-Young is a handsome actor and singer. He is known for his looks and charm. No Eul is a PD of a docuseries. She is money-hungry and very ambitious. This drama features an adorable sheepdog named Pororo, who will steal your hearts in every scene he is in.