Article: Top 10 Thai Celebrities Who Are Separated

We all want to know about our favorite celebrities, their day-to-day life, and their dating lives. Celebrities are also humans like us; they date, get married, and go through heartbreaks like us. When any famous person breaks up, it becomes public news, and their fans are so involved in their lives that they also feel disheartened. No matter how popular you are, no one can protect you from heartbreaks. Some relationships last forever, but some end too soon, so here are 10 Thai celebrity couples who did not get their forever.

1. Bank Thiti And Bee Hallin

Bank Thiti is a Thai actor born on 19 November 1996. His full name is Thiti Mahayotarok, and he is known for his role in hormones: The series. He was in a relationship with a non-celebrity girl Bee, and they were in a relationship for almost two years. They started dating in 2018, and their relationship was very public, and fans shipped them together. There were many occasions when they supported each other in public, but this beautiful relationship ended in 202

2. Taew Natapohn And Ton Arch

Taew and Ton are well-known Thai actors. Taew and Ton were high school sweethearts, and Taew was friends with Ton's younger sister. They have known each other for many years and dated for a long time. Ton and Taew dated for 14 years, it's almost like they are married, but unfortunately, they broke up in April 2020.

3. Sara Hohler And Toey Thanothai

Sara Hohler is a well-known Thai singer and actress. She has worked in many Thai tv shows. She and Toey had a loving relationship; they dated each other for 14 years. People used to call them marathon couple as they ran a marathon together. When they announced they were separating, it was heartbreaking for everyone. Sara and Toey were also planning to get married, but in February 2021, things changed between them, and they broke up.

4. Kelly Tanapat And Nine Chanuchtra

Kelly Tanapat And Nine Chanuchtra are both Thai actors. They were married in 2019, and after two years of marriage, they decided to separate. In early 2021 according to Daily News, Kelly was asked to comment about his marriage; he said that he and Nine were separating; he had already shifted from their house.

5. Toey Jarinporn And Alek Teeradetch

Toey Jarinporn is a well-known Thai actress, model, and host who worked in many tv series and movies. Her notable work was dear Galileo. Her ex-boyfriend Alek Teeradetch is also an actor best known for his work in the Thai drama Sapai jao. They both dated for three years but decided to break up in 2020.

6. Mook Worranit And Toy Pathompong

Mook Worranit is a Thai actress and singer, and she is one of the most popular actresses on GMMTV. Her role in the Thai drama Ugly Duckling got popular. Toy Pathampong is also a Thai actor. Mook and Toy have worked together in a series Girl Next Door in 202. They called quit on their relationship after a year in 2020. Mook said they don’t have time for each other and are better off as friends.

7. Great Warintorn And Orn Onuma

Great Warintorn is a Thai actor and model. He has known for his work in drama, the sixth sense. He was in a relationship with Orn Onum, who is a doctor. They dated each other in 2017, and in 2020 Great announced that they broke up.

8. Marie Broenner And Gun Napat

Marie Broenner is a Thai model and actor. She is known for her work in the drama Mr. Hurt. Gun Napat is also a Thai singer/actor. They met on the sets of their drama Luk Krung and began dating in 2019. After dating for over a year, they decided to split in 2020.

9. Fon Sananthachat And Gy Sereethoranakul

Fon Sananthachat is a Thai actress who received immense popularity for her role in Hormones: The series. Gy Sereethoranakul is a rich man working in a big firm, him and Fon dated for two years. The couple hardly came out in the public eye but always posted pictures together, but after two years of dating, they went their separate ways.

10. Jaron Sarot And Nong Yodnam

Jaron Sarot is a Thai actor born in 1988. He debuted in 2008 and has worked in many dramas and films. He dated Yodnam( her parents, Poo Anuwat and Klomklom, are senior Thai actors). They had a sweet but short relationship because they broke up after four months of dating.