Article: Top 10 Haircuts Of Chinese Actors To Try Out In 2022

Actors always manage to set a high standard when it comes to fashion and grooming, setting trends amongst eager fans that try to reach that level and feel more relatable to their favorite celebrity heroes. Chinese actors are some famous trendsetters that always manage to capture the attention of audiences for their style and charisma. These actors have shot to fame playing swoon-worthy roles in C-dramas that have garnered them attention everywhere. For some major style inspo, here is a catalog of the Top 10 Haircuts Of Chinese Actors To Try Out In 2022. Feel free to swoon over them and tell us what you think in the comments!

1. Dylan Wang

Wang He Di, best known to fans as Dylan Wang, first entered the eye of the public through the variety show Super Idol and is probably known to fans internationally as Dao Ming Si from Meteor Garden, the adaptation of manga Hana Yori Dango. Wang has a neat cut and sophisticated man bun cut for which he has opted for a ponytail in this picture.


2. Zheng Kai

Zheng Kai, more commonly known as Ryan Zheng, is a celebrated actor best known for starring in films like Ex-Files, Personal Tailor and So Young among others. This signature haircut of Zheng's is a fan-favorite. Zheng has his sides cut short leaving the strands on top long enough to straighten or curl.


3. Lin Yi

Lin Yi is a celebrated Chinese rom-com actor best known for his spectacular role of Gu Weiyi in the hit web series Put Your Head On My Shoulder. He has also starred in Ling Long and Love Scenery. Lin Yi's signature parted look in Put Your Head On My Shoulder is something you should try out this year.


4. Lu Han

Lu Han is a popular Chinese pop idol who was a part of the group Exo and was dubbed the 6th most celebrity in China by the National Radio. In this picture of Lu Han, his styled and artfully wavy locks are an innovative way to fashion your looks to stand out from the rest.


5. Huang Zitao

Huang Zitao, best known as Z. Tao, is a multitalented individual who is an actor, rapper, businessman, and songwriter. Huang has starred in movies like Negotiator, You Are My Sunshine, and The Brightest Star In The Sky. Huang's choppy and messy haircut is another great way to spruce up your looks this year.


6. Li Xian

Li Xian is a famous Chinese model and actor known for his roles in Soul Snatcher, Go Go Squid!, Who Sleeps My Bro, Only Side by Side with You, Sword Dynasty, and the City of Fantasy. Xian has a neat and professional-looking cut with his hair gelled to the side and exudes confidence in this picture.


7. Vic Chou

Vic Chou or Zhou Yúmín is a popular Taiwanese actor who is also a member of the pop band F4, with members that were originally cast members of the show Meteor Garden, just like him. This hairdo of his is from his Meteor Garden days and is a must-have at least once in your lifetime.


8. Steven Zhang

Zhang Xincheng, better known as Steven Zhang, is a Chinese actor widely regarded for his role as Lin Yang in My Huckleberry Friends. Zhang has also starred in Skate into Love, Go Ahead, The Heart of Genius, and Young Blood among others. This celebrated man-bun hairdo is from the show Young Blood which can be noted down in your must-have list!


9. Hu Ge

Hu Ge, also known as Hugh Hu, is a celebrated Chinese singer and actor who shot to fame with his debut role in Chinese Paladin, after which he has starred in several historical-based dramas. Hugh's classic look in this picture sees him donning a professional clean-cut look with his hair slicked back.


10. Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming is an illustrious Chinese actor who debuted as Emperor Wu of Han in the drama The Prince of Han Dynasty. Huang has starred in films like American Dreams in China, Cruel Romance, and The Return of the Condor Heroes. Huang's neatly shaved choppy look is roguishly handsome and is a definite fan-favorite.