Article: Thai Dramas Around Mouth-Watering Food

Thai dramas are always a treat to watch, and with the rise of various online streaming apps, it has become more accessible to the audience around the world. There are many genres to explore in Thai dramas, from romantic-comedy, suspense-thriller to horror. One such area is food. Everyone knows the deliciousness of Thai food. Many Thai dramas are food-centric and will make you hungry. These dramas show the richness of the Thai food culture. If you are hungry, then you should skip these dramas. On that note, here is a compilation of Thai dramas around mouth-watering food that you should watch.

1. Oh My Ghost

Oh My Ghost is a fantasy romance drama released in 2018. The drama revolves around a timid chef Jiew, who worked in a restaurant owned by the head chef named Artit. Jiew was secretly in love with Artit but was afraid to confess. Her life changed when a virgin ghost, Khaopun enters the scene. Khaopun was unable to go to heaven because of her virginity. After some circumstances, she enters the body of Jiew and unable to leave her body. Khaopun took advantage of the situation and tried to seduce Artit. As the story progressed, Artit realized the truth and fell in love with Jiew.

2. Cooking Crush

Cooking Crush is a romantic comedy-drama released in 2023. The drama revolves around a culinary student and a medical student. Prem, Dynamite, and Samsi are third-year culinary students. One day, they learned about a cooking competition with a cash reward. But Prem was slowly losing his confidence in cooking, he then meets a medical student, Ten. Ten wanted Prem to give him cooking classes. Prem took this opportunity to get some extra cash. As the story progressed, their friendship soon transitioned into love.

3. My Name Is Busaba

My Name is Busaba, which is a romantic comedy drama released in 2020. The drama tells a story of a talented chef and heir of a wealthy family who wanted to start his venture. Busaba is a talented and hardworking chef who had her whole life planned. She dreamt of a flourishing restaurant in her thirties and a perfect relationship. But all her dreams came crashing down when she lost her job and caught her boyfriend cheating at the same time. However, she meets Saran, heir of a wealthy family who wanted to pave his path. He tried to open a restaurant and was in search of a chef. Busaba’s life was coming back on track after she started to work for Saran.

4. Bake Me Love

Bake Me Love is a romantic drama released in 2016. The drama tells the story of a food blogger and a critic. Mielle is a baking blogger and fell in the first site for Kim. But soon, her feelings changed for him when he criticized her by saying she should not blog about baking as she knew nothing about baking. So, to get back on him, she crashed his date with his ex-girlfriend Lita, who is still in love with her. However, the situation became complicated when she realized he is her next-door neighbor.

5. The Badass Baker

The Badass Baker is a romantic comedy-drama from the U Prince series, released in 2016. The drama tells the story of a culinary arts student named P’Dash. P’Dash was searching for a place to live, so his friend T-Rex suggested a place, but he had one condition. And the condition was he has to live with a roommate. P’Dash accepted the condition. Now he had to share the apartment with a Faculty of Arts student named Renee. Renee was a free-spirited but lazy girl. Initially they did not like each other but things changed when they started to spend time together.

6. My Himalayan Embrace

My Himalayan Embrace is a romantic drama released in 2020. The drama revolves around an Indian billionaire and a restaurant owner. Santhakarat came from a wealthy background. He escaped from a mafia gang from the Himalayas to Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai he meets a restaurant owner named Danika and tried to impress her. But Danika liked a waiter working in her restaurant named Khiri. Khiri grew up in a harsh environment. He tried to step up the game to compete with Santhakarat.

7. What Zabb Man!

What Zabb Man! is a romantic drama released in 2022. The drama tells the story of Poon, who came from a low-income family background. After his parents passed away, he started a somtum stall in front of his rented apartment, but he was unable to provide for his brother properly. One day, he meets a costumer who was recruiting a chef for his friend’s restaurant. Poon agreed to work for him but changed his mind when he learned that the owner of that restaurant was Tian. Poon had meet Tian before and it was not a pleasant meeting. Tian challenged Poon, and to not lose his face, Poon accepted the challenge. Tian liked the food prepared by Poon but was hesitant to admit it.

8. La Cuisine

La Cuisine is a romantic drama released in 2022. The drama tells the story of Ram and Lukchup. Ram was a third-year architecture student. He was a picky eater and did not liked the food that could be easily bought. On the other hand, Lukchup was his junior and had a crush on Ram but lacked the courage to confess. As the story progressed, they bonded over a common ground that is, food.

9. Miss Culinary

Miss Culinary is a romantic Thai drama released in 2019. The drama revolves around a guy who wants to win back his girlfriend’s heart. He tells her the story of his mother, which was sweet, sour, spicy, and salty. He describes her, how his mother ran away from home to live her life in Bangkok in 70s. She had dreams of becoming a chef in a five-star hotel and also fell in love.

10. Soot Lay Sanaeha

Soot Lay Sanaeha is a romantic comedy Thai drama released in 2021. The drama revolves around Porfai, who wants to open a farm stay. One day, her aunt told her to pretend as her daughter and cook in her employee’s house. She only knew how to cook chicken basil stir fry. However, she still went to earn some extra cash. Anawat and Porfai did not have a good start and when learned that Porfai is working in his house, he became suspicious of her.