Article: Top 10 Anime Heroes Who Were At The Verge Of Becoming Evil

When does someone put his kindness into the back seat, only when something terrible happens? Heroes are humans, and when evil tries to test their patience while tearing them down to their core, only a few can keep their kindness alive. Only very few of us can withstand the test of time that will try to torment, haunt, and infect us. Here, we will talk about the top 10 Anime heroes on the verge of becoming evil.

1. Narancia Ghirga

When everyone closes the door upon someone, even if it wasn't their mistake, that's when evilness thrives. When the streets of Itlay began to turn to crime to survive, many of Bruno's squad chose that path. Narcia was one of them, who got framed for a crime he did not commit, and when he was on the verge of collapsing, Burno gave him a new purpose and life.

2. Colonel Roy

Colonel Roy would have lost to hate if his comrades hadn't stopped him from taking the life of Envy. He dreams of becoming the nation's leader with good intentions but is self-centred. It took a tragedy for him to get obsessed over the killer of his friend, and when he found him, he wanted to kill him even after defeating him through his fire alchemy.

3. Laxus Dreyar

Laxus was seen as cruel as he used to provoke his guild members against one another to seek worthy men. His deeds were captured, and he was cast out for his misleading, yet he could have gotten back rotten in hatred and revenge, but he didn't. He stepped back as a noble person, learning from his mistake and being a grandson someone could be proud of.

4. Endeavour

Endeavour is again a case of blurry lines between good and evil, as he was a pro hero in the series. He had a quirk marriage and was deemed to have a child who could pass all the mighty world has ever seen. The household he built became dysfunctional, leading to villainy, which is still debatable.

5. Prince Zuko

Prince Zuko was a victim of confusion and believed that winning his father's favour was the main motto of his life. He was too late to figure out that working in the interest of the fire nation wouldn't take him anywhere, so he helped Avatar. He acted this way because he believed his position asked him to do so, but Zuko realised he was wrong.

6. Mai Zen

Mai wasn't heartless; she was hurting deep inside where no one could reach to heal it. Her own family brutally rejected her because they were traditional, and then jealousy took over her. She envies her own sister's power and wants it to be hers. She could have gotten worse, but she did makeup with her sister during the duel.

7. Inosuke Hashibira

When Inosuke was introduced, he seemed heartless and even stepped over a small girl. He envied everyone and was always eager to flaunt his strength unnecessarily. If he hadn't met Zenitsu and Tanjiro, he would have lived the same way; they both appreciated him over his small gestures, arousing a soft corner in his heart.

8. Geld

Geld was a heinous monster who conquered around half of the world without mercy. He was a pure disaster until Rimuru ate him and became the next leader with the same name, but this Geld was different. He knew that defeat is sometimes disguised as winning and happily accepted the offer to join the Jura Tempest Federation as a representative of their race.

9. Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu never left a stone unturned regarding getting in the way of Naofumi. Despite being a hero of spear and fighting real villains without fail, he has some tensionous traits. He is highly self-centred and arrogant, which is a big chunk of his way of being good.

10. Genya

Genya seemed to be rude and evil at first instance when he groped the hair of a lady shamelessly demeaning for his sword on an immediate basis. Then Tanjiro held him back; later, it was revealed that he had a dark past, and he was in a hurry to get the position of Hashira to get close to his brother, who is also a Hashira.