Article: Top 10 Highly Viewed And Famous Thai Dramas On Channel 3

Embark on a journey into the heart of Thai television with a curated exploration of the top 10 highly viewed and famous Thai dramas that have left their ineradicable mark on Channel 3. Being one of Thailand’s leading television networks, Channel 3 has been presenting a multitude of captivating stories that have captured the hearts and attention of viewers nationwide. This collection of the most recognizable and critically acclaimed dramas that have come to represent the legacy of Channel 3 and provides insight into the network’s rich past. From exciting tales of romance to intense family sagas, each drama in this top 10 list is a testament to the network’s commitment to delivering high-quality, engaging content. Let us look into the cultural phenomenon of the Thai series on Channel 3, exploring its captivating narratives that have not only gathered large viewership but have secured their place in Thai television history as cultural icons.

1. Deceitful Love

Pitcha is an outgoing, modern, and self-assured CEO. Sadly, her playboy husband does not appreciate her as much as she does. Pitcha had long thought that he might change, but it never happened, which is why she filed for divorce. Pitcha meets Ramin, her childhood friend who is now a lawyer. While helping Pitcha get a divorce, Ramin starts to develop feelings for Pitcha, but Pitcha is afraid of the idea of being in love again after her unsuccessful marriage. However, Pitcha and Ramin make a happy couple in the end.

2. Thong Ek: The Herbal Master

Thong In is a medical professional with extensive experience. Thong Ake, his grandson, aspires to be a traditional doctor and studies traditional Thai medicines. After the death of one of his patients, Thong In was held responsible, and due to this, he isolated himself from everyone and did not want Thong Ake to become a doctor because he did not want him to go through what he did. However, Thong Ake is still passionate about proving himself to his grandad. Chaba is a brave and tough lady who chooses swords over household work. After meeting Thong In, Chaba wants to become like him and study medicine. Though Chaba and Thong Ake don't get along at first, eventually, they fall in love with each other.

3. My Husband In Law

For over seven years, the intelligent and gifted Muey has shared her life with her crush, Thian. Her crush grows more vital for Thian, but he only sees her as someone to torment and bully. Thian has no idea how she feels at all. So, Muey accepts that she will be able to see him from a distance. Thian is wealthy, intelligent, diligent, and charming. He is a player, which is his lone flaw. One day, Thian sleeps with a lady whose husband is a scary mobster, which gets him into serious trouble. To take Thian out of this situation, Thian's mother pushes him to marry Muey to protect him. Muey agrees to marry Thian. However, Thian wants to keep his marriage a secret. How will things work out for them?

4. My Forever Sunshine

My Forever Sunshine, a Thai series from 2020, delves into the narrative of a girl with a haunting past. Forced to relocate from her home to her father’s friend’s house, she inadvertently puts a boy named Artit’s life in jeopardy, resulting in her subsequent expulsion from that place too.

5. Bad Romeo

Wealthy Saikim meets poor Kaokla, the proprietor of a garage. After establishing a connection, the two fall in love but face separation due to Saikim’s father. This separation keeps them apart for the next seven years. But Kaokla is now Carl Raman, the millionaire Asia Raman's adopted son and heir to the family business. Saikim has evolved from a naïve young woman to a fully-fledged heir to her father’s hotel empire. However, at last, the two make a happy and beautiful pair.

6. My Secret Bride

My Secret Bride” unfolds the tale of Suam, a playful girl who was raised in the slums. Suam starts having a crush on Danurut, a charming and kind-looking cop, whom she meets for the first time. Danurut assists Suam in overcoming a false accusation, deepening her affection for him. However, Suam is then told to spy on Danurut, instructed by Thuan, the police deputy commander. As the narrative unfolds, Suam consents to assume the role of Danurut’s fake wife, relocating to his residence, where she is tasked with spying on him and adhering to specific orders.

7. Dare To Love: Hai Ruk Pipaksa

In this tale, a charming young boy, Napawat, falls in love with his stunning senior, Thichakorn secretly. Over time, Thichakorn develops into a bright and skilled lawyer, while Napawat maintains his attractive looks while completing his degree. Napawat tries to win over Thichakorn by every means. Though Thichakorn is attracted to Napawat, she is unsure about him

8. Praomook

When teenagers, Praomook and Chalantorn are temporarily married to improve Chalantorn's fortune as a part of a superstitious marriage to stave off bad luck. Though Praomook has always loved Chalantorn, he has always seen her as a troublemaker and ugly duckling.

9. The Crown Princess

After the coronation, a princess finds herself in grave danger and is taken to Thailand to be protected. She meets a Navy sailor there, who becomes her bodyguard. The Crown Princess is a 2018 series with 12 episodes.

10. To Me, It's Simply You

Kiew is a villager who works in Bangkok. He is from one of the E-san villages. Out of the blue, one day, his girlfriend unexpectedly ends their relationship. Broken-hearted, Kiew returns to his village, where he meets Chompoo, a girl from the same town. Initially, Kiew and Chompoo were at odds and frequently fought over the desire to sell his grandmother’s land, which Chompoo was employed. But as time passes, Kiew begins to recognize Chompoo's honesty. However, will Kiew and Chompoo be honest with one another about their feeling?