Article: Top 10 Chinese Historical Genre Dramas

Chinese dramas are among the most popular television shows. If you enjoy historical dramas and fantasy genres, you can discover a lot of intriguing programs here.

10. Ever Night

'Ever Night' is a lovely and exciting Chinese drama. Ever Night is a series on Tang Dynasty. It is about a furious young man who seeks vengeance for the murder of his family. The protagonist flees and lives in the wild to take revenge. If you enjoy adventure/action and historical fantasy plays, this series is good to watch.


9. Lost Love In Times

Lost Love in Times, based on Shi Siye's novel Drunk Linglong, is a beautiful blend of fantasy, romance, and history. It has a lovely and intriguing fantasy concept and complicated relationships, and endearing chemistry between the two protagonists. This drama follows the love tale of a sorceress named Qincheng and a prince named Yuang Ling of Wei.


8. Fights Break Sphere 

Fights Break Sphere is a series inspired by the book "Battle through the Heavens". The series is set in ancient China and is a blend of fantasy and wuxia. It revolves around a brilliant youngster who hasn't progressed in martial arts as his mother's ring takes over all his progress. There are 45 episodes in this drama.


7. Ashes Of Love

Although Ashes of Love is a lengthy film, it will have you hooked to your screen the entire time. The series is set in ancient times and centres on the lovely tale of two captives. It is an adaption of Dian Xian's novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost. Watch this series if you're searching for spectacular combat scenes, loyalties, clashes, family turmoil, and power battles.


6. The Legend Of Qin

Legend of Lu Zhen is a must-see for anybody who likes to watch influential historical female roles. The first female prime minister is the focus of this series, which follows an extraordinary, strong-willed lady who works hard for her position.


5. The Rise Of Phoenixes

Rise of The Phoenixes is a series based on Tianxia Guiyuan's novel Phoenix Rise, an inspired historical drama full of assassinations, rebellions, etc. Rise of Phoenixes is your cup of tea if you enjoy period dramas.


4. The Legend Of Qin

The Legend of Qin is based on the animated series Qin Moon, adapted from the same-named book. The series is set during the Qin Dynasty, a crucial yet tumultuous period in Chinese history. The main plot revolves around a youthful hero who alters history. The narrative is amid a period of transformation. It's the conclusion of one era and the start of another, a period marked by significant changes and dazzling accomplishments.


3. Princess Agents 

Princess Agents is the perfect drama to begin watching right now! You'll see a formidable female protagonist in this film. She is a strong combatant as well as a determined and intelligent young lady. With just a teaser, this drama surpassed one billion views. If you enjoy vast historical dramas with slow-paced romance, you will not be disappointed with this series.


2. Nirvana In Fire

Nirvana in Fire's script and cinematography will astound you. Nirvana in Fire is a famous American TV program that is compared to 'Game of Thrones'. It has millions of admirers. It's a tale of terrible betrayal and vengeance. This series, set during one of China's most tumultuous eras, when the nation was divided between the Northern and Southern Dynasties, is sure to please.


1. Scarlet Heart 

Scarlet Heart follows a young lady from the twenty-first century involved in a vehicle accident and travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty. She is trapped in the body of her previous existence. She can't stop herself and becomes entangled in a power struggle for the crown. Love is a part of the explanation behind this. Scarlet Heart is a good drama if you appreciate strong female characters, a grand narrative, and heart-tugging emotions.