Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies And Dramas Of Lin Yi

If you enjoy watching Chinese dramas, you've probably heard of the gifted and endearing Lin Yi. Lin Yi has won many audiences with his captivating on-screen persona and adaptable acting abilities. Here is a compiled list of the top 10 Lin Yi Chinese dramas you must not miss, regardless of whether you are a devoted fan or just beginning to explore his work.

1. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Set on a university campus, this romantic comedy portrays the life of Si Tu Mo, an engineering student who ends up living with her quirky roommate, Gu Wei Yi. The story navigates their interactions, misunderstandings, and growing fondness for each other as they share their daily lives. Si Tu Mo's straightforward personality clashes with Gu Wei Yi's analytical approach, creating a delightful dynamic that leads to humorous and heartwarming situations.

2. One Week Friends

Shenghua High School's repeat class welcomed a new transfer student named Lin Xiang Zhi. She is educated and reserved, but she is always alone. She does not socialize with other pupils. She nonetheless caught the eye of Xu You Shu, Song Xiao Nan (Shen Yue), the worst student in the class, and aloof top student Jiang Wu due to her actions. Xu You Shu learned Lin Xiang Zhi's secret due to his desire to befriend him. Only seven days were left in her remembrance of her pal. Four people form a "doomsday survival" team, and Xu You Shu becomes more involved in aiding this lonely girl by constantly generating surprises and memories that belong to them.

3. Memory Of Encaustic Tile

Since their early years, Shao Xue, Zheng Su Nian, and Zhang Qi had been close pals. Their parents have dedicated their entire careers to safeguarding unique cultural artifacts and are all active in the antique and museum trade. However, as the friends age, their lives start to diverge and they start to have different feelings for one another. Zheng Su Nian's mother becomes seriously ill. She has a influence on Shao Xue as well as her son. While Shao Xue is inspired to widen her horizons, even if it means leaving her familiar neighborhood and friends, Zheng Su Nian will be forced to assume his mother's role in her passing.

4. Love Scenery

Liang Chen is dedicated to offering her audience excellent musical compositions that embody kindness, sincerity, and perfection. Lu Jing is a huge fan of technology and big data analysis. He is well-liked in the academic community for his broad understanding of psychology and human behavior and his strong emphasis on reading. They are originally strangers brought together by big data, but as they work toward their goals, they become more intimate.

5. The Blessed Girl

There is much mystery around Suchuan. What's left of what was once a beautiful area of prosperity and tranquility are desolate areas torn apart by conflict. In this land of sorrow, Yuan Yi, the young monarch who would end the troubles of his people, ascends to the throne. Since the issue is linked to the mythical fall of the gods, Yuan Yi decides to find the one who has the spiritual strength necessary to restore the gods. Disguising himself as an ordinary person, he sets out in search of someone strong enough to fend off the evil that afflicts his lands. Yuan Yi encounters Ling Long, the little girl with extraordinary spiritual strength, and her father, Huo Tu Xin, in a secluded village. He invites the two to follow him.

6. Falling In Love

Gu Xun had been the object of Yue Qian Ling's long-standing crush. When he was about to graduate, she finally admitted her affection for him, but it was rejected. Yue Qian Ling, discouraged, uses the opportunity to play out her frustration by winning 18 heads. Her gaming companion observes and expresses concern. He has been crushing on her for a while even though they haven't met, so he is secretly relieved to hear that she was rejected. Who would have guessed that Yue Qian Ling, whom he had earlier spurned, was his crush?

7. Angels Fall Sometimes

During their junior year's summer internship, Lin Tuo and An Zhi Que got to know one another at a job fair. They immediately fell in love, and after getting to know one another better, they decided to get married. The two join forces as graduation time draws near, having gone from college to working life together and making plans for the future. Even if life's path was not always easy, with their mutual support, it eventually turned in the right direction. Lin Tuo received an ALS diagnosis and will pass away shortly, just as his career and love life take lovely turns. Lin Tuo's seemingly routine yet promising existence was abruptly cut short by the illness.

8. Hu Tong

It depicts the story of a family of three generations of women who, from the early years of liberation to the present, remain faithful to their objectives to serve the neighborhood. To illustrate Beijing's Hutong Culture, their tales portray the youth of each era. Since the beginning of the freedom process, Tian Zao has been involved in grassroots activism. She finally rises to the leadership position on the resident's committee and devotes 70 years to the community. She took part in the hunt for spies, worked to reduce illiteracy, and inspired people to donate handmade items to the volunteer army. She encouraged her daughter to excel in her line of employment throughout the reform era. Even after she retired, Tian Zao continued to work in her position.

9. The Bone's Aroma

In Tao Yuan City, Jiang Xiao Si runs an antique shop with her father. They are looking for a medicine that has a "bone's aroma" to treat the genetic flaw that has affected their entire tribe. Due to this hereditary flaw, Xiao Si and her father have a unique talent that makes people envious of and afraid of them. The Tao Yuan Technology Corporation created Tao Yuan City as a separate place for them to reside in as a means of protection. Through her generosity and perseverance, Xiao Si manages to spare Shen Mo from harm and alter his opinion of her clan. Together, Xiao Si and Shen Mo create the "bone's aroma," which fixes the genetic flaw that has affected Xiao Si.

10. Derailment

As Jiang Xiaoyuan traverses multiple realities that never appear to intersect, she struggles with her identity. She is an unstoppable daughter of a wealthy family in her own country, but in another location, she is just a regular working girl with nothing. She encounters the enigmatic Qi Lian along the way, and the two work to unravel the mystery around her. Jiang Xiaoyuan begins a quest to piece together her "real" identity after being stripped of her fortune, family history, appearance, and education.